Kromme Nieuwegracht 47 in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Where: Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland

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When: 01 January 1934

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Kromme Nieuwegracht 47 in Binnenstad area in Utrecht. The building is a later addition to the Paushuize (Papal House) from 1517.

Kromme Nieuwegracht 47 i området Binnenstad i Utrecht i Nederländerna. Byggnaden är en senare tillbyggnad till Paushuize (Påvens hus) från 1517.

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands, Nederland

Photograph by: Berit Wallenberg
Date: 17.07.1934
Format: Film negative

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Owner: Swedish National Heritage Board
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 03/Aug/2012 08:48:10

    This is the Kromme Nieuwegracht (translated Bent New Canal) in Utrecht, present-day view from Google Streetview. Now in use with Utrecht University.

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    Swedish National Heritage Board

    • 03/Aug/2012 09:17:30

    Michiel2005: Thanks Michiel for once again helping us identify and locate. We really appreciate that! :) The name Kromme Nieuwegracht seems to be for both the canal, the street alongside and the building, is that correct? /Anna B.

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    • 03/Aug/2012 09:41:59

    It is always fun to look for the location. Gracht is the Dutch word for canal in a city or around a castle, so Kromme Nieuwegracht indeed applies to the street next to the canal and the canal itself. The building is a 1633 addition to the Paushuize (Papal House). The Paushuize was built from 1517 by Adriaan Floriszoon Boeyens, who later became pope Adrian VI. After the Reformation the Paushuize and the additions were in private hands, but from 1814 to 1954 the house was the residence of the governor of province of Utrecht and also the provincial parliament met here. Now the Paushuize is a representative building of the province, used for official occasions, receptions and such like. The university uses the additional buildings since 1996, so in 1934 when this picture was taken, it was the headquarters of the provincial government, hence the expensive car on the bridge. I don't know whether this part of the Paushuize has a specific name, the University simply calls it after the address of the building: Kromme Nieuwegracht 47e. Source of all this knowledge is a Dutch wikipedia page:

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    Swedish National Heritage Board

    • 03/Aug/2012 11:22:16

    Michiel2005: Very interesting to learn more about the building and the Paushuize! I found a nice little film on the homepage of Het Utrechts Archief (The Utrecht Archives), showing the Paushuize, just around the corner of the additional building on the photo above: /Anna B.

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    • 03/Aug/2012 13:17:26

    I looked a bit further, and I don't think this is the 1633 extension to the Paushuize, but a 1828-1833 extension. The 1633 extension is directly connected to the Paushuize. See this site of the Province of Utrecht: In the middle of the page (under "Bestanden" (files)) a PDF can be found which shows the dates of the extensions. On the site of the Dutch Architecture Institute this can be read about the renovation/extensions in 1828-1833: "Op de plaats van twee grachthuizen werden stallen en een koetshuis gebouwd." (translated: On the spot of two houses on the canal, stables and a coach house were built) source:

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    Swedish National Heritage Board

    • 03/Aug/2012 13:52:19

    Michiel2005: According to the appearance of the house, with its small windows, I suppose it might very well be a stable... /Anna B.

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    • 06/Aug/2012 12:34:40

    nice comment me lovebirds