Storefront at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm 1957

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Where: Stockholms Län, Stockholm Kommun, Sverige

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When: 01 January 1957

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MEA's skyltfönster vid Norrmalmstorg 1957

Photograph by: Ekelund, Gunnar

Date: 1957
Photo Nr: 2017-A12917


Owner: Stockholm Transport Museum Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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byggnader reklam skyltar stockholm spårvägsmuseet skyltfönster storefront stockholmtransportmuseum mannequins vintage fashion 1957 1950s 50sfashion dress

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    • 11/Oct/2011 11:12:58

    Then as now Danish make it Swedish sell it Norwegians by it

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    • 11/Oct/2011 11:51:41

    those were the styles loved by all

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    • 11/Oct/2011 12:37:44

    A new Rover P4 in the background

  • profile

    █ fo112 █

    • 11/Oct/2011 13:24:37

    Exellent!" width="1" height="1" alt="labels=1" />" width="1" height="1" alt="labels=1" />" width="1" height="1" alt="labels=1" />" width="1" height="1" alt="map" />" alt="Free counters!" width="1" height="1" />

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    Photography by Shelly Ann Little

    • 11/Oct/2011 14:06:40

    Love this!

  • profile

    Bashayer al.Atiyah

    • 11/Oct/2011 14:08:52

    ilike it^^ comment me pleez =)

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    • 11/Oct/2011 14:50:50

    nice documentary

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    • 11/Oct/2011 15:21:19

    nice shot

  • profile

    Garden Flower

    • 11/Oct/2011 17:08:59

    How very wonderful!!

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    It's how you see it !!!

    • 11/Oct/2011 18:03:11

    How lovely !!!

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    • 11/Oct/2011 18:36:35

    love the mannequins

  • profile

    The Dolly Mama

    • 11/Oct/2011 20:18:38

    I adore this!! Soooooooo much!!

  • profile


    • 11/Oct/2011 21:37:11

    Well, I think it can be narrowed down to having been taken in summer 1957!

  • profile

    James Burrows

    • 11/Oct/2011 23:18:31

    No trouser suits for ladies in those days,these changes were first seen in the U.S.A.1960

  • profile

    Tim Roper

    • 12/Oct/2011 02:17:27

    Those were the days.

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    • 12/Oct/2011 02:38:29

    Great vintage styles!

  • profile

    Chan, Danny

    • 12/Oct/2011 03:38:35


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    six stocking

    • 12/Oct/2011 05:53:49

    Great documentation of retro styles. . . . Love the dresses ! Hate the shoes !

  • profile

    Marianna T-girl

    • 12/Oct/2011 05:57:00

    Lovely, I would so love a dress like that. How much more feminine could anything get?

  • profile

    Dash Panache

    • 12/Oct/2011 06:08:42

    This is an insanely beautiful shot!

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    • 12/Oct/2011 06:11:52

    love the sylesand era,but also the view from the other side.

  • profile

    jomana mohammad

    • 12/Oct/2011 09:44:55


  • profile

    [brett walker]

    • 12/Oct/2011 09:55:55

    i love this.

  • profile

    tiger289 (The d'Arcy dog supporters club)

    • 12/Oct/2011 10:40:09

    Ha! 1957, I was just old enough then to start noticing girls, they looked so nice and smelled so sweet. I wonder how many girls today could fit that waist size? I like the Aeroplane motifs high on the building opposite, does anyone know if they are still there?

  • profile

    Urban Woodswalker

    • 12/Oct/2011 12:19:00

    So very "Mad Men"...looks so modern Again. Great photo!

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    • 12/Oct/2011 13:18:14

    Perfect !! Those indeed ''Were the Days' a lovely dress, and a satin full slip under it,,mmmm

  • profile

    probable sponge

    • 12/Oct/2011 13:56:31


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    Peachhead (5,000,000 views!)

    • 12/Oct/2011 15:37:11

    Those wide petticoated skirts were part of French designer Christian Dior's "New Look" for 1954 and spread throughout the world. A lovely style!!! The sandals are beautiful and a timeless style but it makes my feet hurt just to look at them on the mannekin!! LOL!!

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    • 12/Oct/2011 15:42:10

    Diors New Look was Launched in February of 1947

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    • 12/Oct/2011 20:28:06

    this is on of the wonderfull pict very nice i think TOP 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil-Motor Indonesia

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    ♥™عهود عابد

    • 12/Oct/2011 21:01:30

    Frey Frey Nice

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    • 13/Oct/2011 01:20:45

    great! look at the "airplane motifs" on the facade opposite. It's like being going back in time.

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    • 13/Oct/2011 06:30:41

    A wonderful way to combine the beauty of the store window display with the view of outside!

  • profile

    salam khalifa

    • 17/Oct/2011 15:01:03

    Really love this modest style, hope they will come again . . .

  • profile

    Narlla Oliveira

    • 03/Nov/2011 14:35:59

    Excelente imagem, boa captura!! Adorei sua galeria bom trabalho..^^

  • profile

    Sherry Schmidt

    • 13/Jan/2012 08:19:32

    Neat photo!

  • profile

    excited pail

    • 17/Feb/2012 15:31:03

    I love those dresses.

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    • 09/Jan/2013 04:31:23

    My English Teacher wore these dresses and shoes.