Mill Reef Club in Antigua (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1959

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Frissell, Toni,, 1907-1988,, photographer.

Mill Reef Club in Antigua

January, 1959.

1 photograph : color transparency ; 35 mm (slide format)

Please use digital image: original slide is kept in cold storage for preservation.
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FRISSELL - Job 1959-04 contains B&W and color.
Client: Sports Illustrated.
Sports Illustrated Job Number: x5648.
Sports Illustrated Assignment Information: Mill Reef Club in Antigua, Guatemala.
Container Notes: Mill Reef Club in Antigua, Way of Life, [star], SB, TF Choices, Selects X5648, L5. 20.60, 1 Picnic to Venture 11/12/63 - Ret'd. 1/14/64, SI Selects, Also 2nd Selects; Mill Reef in Antigua, 41 shots, X5648, TF Choice, Top Selects, Top TF.
Information on item: 17, [pencil mark].


Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication. For information see "Toni Frissell Collection"

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Part Of: Toni Frissell photograph collection (DLC) 2009632520

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Call Number: LC-F905-26417 [item]


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 6160
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    • 17/May/2023 19:07:30

    Still an active club: * "Mill Reef was founded in 1947 by Robertson ("Happy") Ward, a visionary architect, who foresaw the demand for travel in the aftermath of World War II. Ward aimed to create a private resort where like-minded people of diverse interests could vacation. He chose Antigua for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and steady breezes. ... Original building rules stated that houses were to be simply designed, could have no more than two bedrooms and could cost no more than $25,000 to build! Ward recruited members by word-of-mouth throughout U.S. cities in the Northeast and Midwest, and across the British Commonwealth. The initial 45 Proprietary members paid $7,500 for their home lots. ... These funds financed construction of a clubhouse that opened for guests in 1949. A nine-hole golf course followed in 1953. Early Proprietary members included U.S. industrialists such as DuPont, Mott, Gould, Watson, Cowles, Endicott and (from across the ‘pond') Astor, as well as diplomats like Dean Acheson and the poet Archibald MacLeish." The History section on the home page for the club has a slide "carousel" that includes a crop from this picture as the last picture but one.

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    • 17/May/2023 19:20:02 shows the article Frissell illustrated, although without pictures The caption for this photo or a similar one is "Picnicking on hilltop, J. Noel Macy of Washington, D.C. wears a native straw hat for protection from the tropical sun." Identification confirmed by portrait at

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    Benjamín Núñez Vega

    • 21/Jul/2023 05:57:58


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    • 21/Jul/2023 12:07:51

    See 1977 obituary in Washington Post for J. Noel Macy at