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Where: Leinster, County Wicklow, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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Burnaby Estate in Greystones, Co. Wicklow with a very bucolic neighbourhood to enjoy! Clearly an early urbanisation of the old fishing town with what look like good solid houses that would be very much in demand these days of housing shortages! Why "Burnaby" one wonders?

Photographer: Robert French

Collection: Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: Circa 1865 - 1914 1904

NLI Ref: L_IMP_0890

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 20773
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  • profile

    Oretani Wildlife (Mike Grimes)

    • 02/May/2023 07:34:01

    Here's a bit on the history of Ireland's first housing estate. Burnaby was the surname of the husband of the woman who came up with the idea for it, Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed.

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 08:49:28

    There is a similar Royal plate with extra buildings, larger trees, a lady in suffragette white with a cow-pat hat (c. 1910?). Today's photo looks to be 5 - 10 years earlier ?? Spot the differences - Edit - And another Cabinet plate, same day as today's, slightly to the right -

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 02/May/2023 08:51:43

    The suburb is a lot leafier now, here are the houses on Portland Road/Burnaby Road in Streetview.

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 09:05:15

    Frederick Gustavus Burnaby 1842 - 1885 was a character. From - Fred Burnaby by James/Jacques Tisssot 1870

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 09:10:58 I suppose our view became Barnaby Rd. Park? And I thought Foxrock was posh!

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 10:36:03

    'Nirvana', second from the end of Burnaby Rd. is not yet built in this photo. It is there in the cabinet plate linked above. According to this 1999 Irish Times article, it was built 1904. So we are before 1904 ...

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 02/May/2023 13:16:03

    Nearby is L_IMP_0891, shows a G.E. Doyle shop on Church Road, Greystones. Mr. Doyle died in 1903. Here is the household in the 1901 census. Widow Jane is still in the shop in 1911, may not have changed the signage.

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 15:49:52

    [] That little cottage, called Park Lodge, to the right in those other shots, still exists at the corner of Mill Rd. and Park Lane. Looks like the photos were all taken from the railway embankment beside Mill Rd. Google Earth Link #googleearth

  • profile


    • 02/May/2023 21:34:25

    Via Trove, some contemporary goings-on in Greystones ... Earthquake! 1896 - Hussars! 1908 - Golfer in a motor car (beware purple prose and alliteration!) 1914 - "... here at Greystones the professional and business men who go up to town every morning sit in the evening on their lawns, where palm trees grow, and look out in front upon the sea or away beyond, the golf pavilion and the yellow gorse clumps to the farther fir-covered heights, beyond which the mountain masses loom purple and the sharp cone of the Sugar Loaf Peak shoots up into tho sunset sky. A pleasant suburb where, they tell me, there is heaps of money! ..."

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    • 04/May/2023 04:05:16

    Nice Capture! Congratulations On Explore!

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    • 04/May/2023 04:07:57

    Glückwunsch zu Explore !

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    • 04/May/2023 04:15:11

    Congrats on Explore! ⭐ May 3, 2023

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    • 04/May/2023 05:10:18

    Congrats on Explore!🔥

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    • 04/May/2023 05:37:40

    A fine picture!

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    Sigurd Krieger

    • 04/May/2023 06:05:01

    Congrats on Xplore!!

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    Marut Rata

    • 04/May/2023 07:16:21

    👍✨Congratulations on Explore ✨💚🍃

  • profile

    Architecture of Dublin

    • 04/May/2023 09:06:23

    Said to be Ireland's first ever housing estate

  • profile

    Ian Betley Photography |

    • 04/May/2023 09:46:55

    Congrats on Explore! ❤📷❤ lovely image! regards Ian

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 04/May/2023 12:32:13 Nice houses!!

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    Oliver Günther

    • 04/May/2023 19:04:19

    Magnificent shot. Congrats on explore...!

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    stanze macro season is over

    • 04/May/2023 21:17:06

    Lovely neighbours. ;)

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    Niall McAuley

    • 05/May/2023 08:32:28

    Several references in the DIA: James Rawson Carroll, Frederick Batchelor 1889-93 Proposed plans, drain work Rudolf Maximillian Butler: 1910 Tender of P.J. Kinlen, Greystones, for building 6 cottages accepted. Frederick Hayes 1921-22 Conversion of premises of V. Hanna, chemist, into new branch of Royal Bank. Builder: Mssrs. Roberts.On the last one, I don't see anything marked Dispensary or Bank in Burnaby on either the 25" or Cassini maps.