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Where: Munster, Cork, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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Before morning Mary went on holiday she talked to me about this photo. She said that in all the years selecting photos for this stream this photo has the best catalogue title of them all, it reads, "The bridge at Glenanaar where Edmond Connors found Cloumper's Daly's wife & child (Canon Sheehan)" it is hard to disagree with her, good luck with your investigations.

Photographer: Irish Tourism Association Photographer

Collection: Irish Tourism Association Photographic Collection

Date: 1943

NLI Ref: NPA ITA 1450 (Box VII)

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 23/Sep/2022 08:22:59

    [] Psst! You have the autographed manuscript of Patrick Augustine Sheehan's novel 'Glenanaar', (published in 1905) -

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    • 23/Sep/2022 08:38:01

    The devilish drama at the roaring river seems to be about page 128 in Suck Diesel's link above. Beware, it contains purple prose. Via Trove, a review of the book from 1905 -

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    • 23/Sep/2022 08:57:00

    Or possibly: “…His footsteps were so completely muffled by the soft snow that she was unaware of his approach, until he came quite close to her, and she woke up from her reveries and stared at him. She was quite young, but the child in her arms told that she was married…”

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 23/Sep/2022 09:05:01 I knew that!

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    • 23/Sep/2022 13:21:18

    Ballintlea Bridge

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    • 24/Sep/2022 03:00:47

    It is or could be a very nice photo with a bit of contrast.

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    • 25/Sep/2022 19:30:59

    Buenas fotos antiguas .