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Mr. Keogh with multiple images on a contact sheet of Rev. W. Doyle provides todays image. Those of us who got married in the days of film will remember poring over sheets of these images trying to choose those we would use or have included in the "Absolutely Essential" wedding album. An album which was looked at soon after the wedding and gathers dust ever since:-) Who was Rev. W. Doyle and what can we find out about him?

Photographer: Brendan Keogh

Collection: Keogh Photographic Collection

Date: Between 1930 - 1940

NLI Ref: Ke 266

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 5255
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    • 03/Aug/2022 08:09:20

    "William Joseph Gabriel Doyle, MC (3 March 1873 – 16 August 1917), better known as Willie Doyle, was an Irish Roman Catholic priest who was killed in action while serving as a military chaplain to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers during the First World War" See - From the wiki - "Father Doyle was proposed for canonisation in 1938, but this was not followed through." This might be the reason for multiple images in the 1930s ??

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    • 03/Aug/2022 08:10:31

    Lots more here -

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    Bernard Healy

    • 03/Aug/2022 08:38:42

    In 1911, a visitor at the Presbytery in Dundalk. Presumably giving a mission. Cardinal Logue also in the same house:

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    Guerilla Photography (Ireland)

    • 03/Aug/2022 08:44:03 The photo of the photos was in the 30s.

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    • 03/Aug/2022 12:29:56[email protected]/ interesting that he has his own '.org'

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    • 03/Aug/2022 12:32:15[email protected]/[email protected]/ it appears that the calendar on the .org page used a picture from this contact sheet set of negatives. interesting.

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    Carol Maddock

    • 03/Aug/2022 13:17:29

    From Father William Doyle S.J.: A spiritual study by Prof. Alfred O'Rahilly, 1925

    He was as ready to risk his life to take a drop of water to a wounded Ulsterman as to assist men of his own faith and regiment.
    (On Willie Doyle's WWI service as military chaplain to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers...)

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    • 03/Aug/2022 17:44:40

    Bravery Under Fire

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    O Mac

    • 03/Aug/2022 17:48:10

    25th July 1917. A Soldier shows his gratitude to Fr. Willy. "One of my men, belonging to the Irish Rifles, of which I have charge also, passed by. We chatted for a few minutes and then he went on, but came back shortly with a steaming bowl of coffee which he had bought for me. ‘ I am not one of your flock, Father,’ he said, ‘ but we have all a great liking for you.’ And then he added: ‘If all the officers treated us as you do, our lives would be different.’ I was greatly touched by the poor lad’s thoughtfulness, and impressed by what he said: a kind word often goes further than one thinks, and one loses nothing by remembering that even soldiers are human beings and have feelings like anyone else."

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    • 03/Aug/2022 22:26:10

    His receipt of the Military Cross for bravery at the Somme reflected his deep humility, yet his natural enthusiasm for the. pleasure it gave his father. "Nothing of very great interest happened during the next two days, and I had only one narrow escape, from an eight-inch shell, which got so terrified at the sight of a Jesuit in khaki that it exploded." Such is but a typical example of Father Doyle's humorous brushing over of hardships and near-death. From a 1948 review of 'Merry in God' ( )

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    • 04/Aug/2022 00:11:54

    died in a gas attack at Loos per Wikipedia, horrible way to die. Poor fellow

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    • 04/Aug/2022 08:11:37

    Fr Frank Browne (of the Titanic photos fame) served with Fr Willie as Military Chaplain. See tweets here - ( [[email protected]] That is not what wiki says.)