Modest oaks from little acorns grow

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Where: Munster, Co Kerry, Ireland

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When: 01 January 1900

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Presenting The Queens Oaks in Killarney, Co. Kerry. As there is no apostrophe in the title on this Lawrence Imperial-sized glass plate, we don't know if these were the oaks of one specific queen, or many queens.

Can we find out? Or whereabouts in Muckross were these trees? And are they still standing?

p.s. This is Replacement Morning Mary standing in for Regular Morning Mary, who is on her very well-deserved holliers. She's gone out foreign though. Notions!

Photographer: Robert French

Collection: Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: Circa 1865 - 1914

NLI Ref: L_IMP_3320

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jul/2022 07:03:20

    from the Irish Times, Dec 2000 Oak can live for over 500 years and one of the biggest in Killarney is the Royal Oak on the shore of the lower lake. It was already a fine specimen when Queen Victoria was brought to see it and had a picnic there in 1861. During that royal visit there was a ceremony of planting of five or six trees now called the Queen's Oaks. Three of these can still be seen about 300 yards north of Muckross House.

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    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jul/2022 07:16:55

    Somewhere in this aerial view. [Edit: link fixed I hope, thanks to the beachcomber] May be marked on the 25", if anyone still has access to it.

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    • 11/Jul/2022 07:46:55

    [] bad link! 300 yards north of Muckross House is somewhere near here, oak-spotters! - Garden Gnome view - This must be the old oak (+ Hugo) where the Queen had a picnic, in 2011 via [] []

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    • 11/Jul/2022 08:04:42

    Via Trove from 1899, a short article talking about various trees the Royals have planted, including - ...The Queen seems especially successful as a tree-planter, for the oak she planted at Muckross, on the banks of Lake Killarney, has far outgrown others that were planted at the same time. The "jarvey" always pointed it out to his "fares" as "The Queen's Oak." ... From -

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    • 11/Jul/2022 10:13:05

    I thought that Morning Mary was on holidays just a few weeks back? Ye are getting soft in there! PS - Not a Dog to be seen.

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    John Spooner

    • 11/Jul/2022 10:22:02

    Cork Constitution - Tuesday 3 September 1861

    Before taking their departure the Queen and each member family planted a genuine Irish oak in the lawn at Muckross and affixed their respective names to each tree. It is said that no working gardener could handle the spade more dexterously than did the Prince Consort on this interesting occasion. This group will in after ages be known as the "Royal Irish Oak clump".
    And in the same paper less than a year later (Tuesday 22 April 1862), Prince Albert having died in December 1861
    The Royal Plantation at Muckross. —The interesting group of Irish oaks planted the Royal family memorials of their visit to Muckross, present most healthful and vigorous appearance. Vegetation is in active operation, and the whole group will speedily be enveloped in rich and profuse foliage. A feeling of sadness steals over the visitor as he admires the stately representative of the lamented Prince Consort, planted so enthusiastically by his Royal Highness himself.

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    m counihan

    • 11/Jul/2022 15:07:46

    The Queen’s oaks in Muckross. Walk from the front door of the house to the end of the formal drive (a couple of hundred meters). Just as the road bends for Dinis the trees are situated there in a green area.

  • profile

    m counihan

    • 11/Jul/2022 15:11:27

    The photo above, while a very impressive tree, is not one of them. The tree in the photograph is behind Muckross house.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 12/Jul/2022 15:09:31

    Can confirm that the 25" map from 1900ish says Queen's Trees at this spot.