"Dogman" suspended in a bathtub above Elizabeth St, Sydney

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'Dogman" suspended in a bathtub being photographed, Elizabeth St, Sydney, 10 August 1954, by Russell McPhedran, A dogman or “dogger” is a specialist in correctly slinging and directing loads handled by cranes. State Library of New South Wales, collection.sl.nsw.gov.au/digital/gbKXp5lRVgzdm


Owner: State Library of NSW
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile


    • 08/Aug/2021 23:46:21

    Amazing shot , how these guys could do that is totally beyond me ! ,they can have it !

  • profile

    David Redfearn

    • 09/Aug/2021 00:04:10

    I don't think I will be rushing to volunteer to do that either but a terrific shot!

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    Cecilia Temperli

    • 09/Aug/2021 00:13:44

    An amazing shot of a Full riding dogman and two(?) adventurous photographers. It makes me wonder where the photographer photographing the pictured photographer was standing. The whole scene looks absolutely precarious for today's standards; The wooden ladder, the photographer in a suit with a cumbersome camera standing on narrow scaffolding, the scaffolding itself (OMG!) as well as the full riding dogman without safety harness, riding in the bathtub. As far as I remember, full riding dogmen still existed in the early seventies, much to the surprise of this new migrant to Australia. OH&S did not exist yet in those days to the standard they do now. Though, inspecting the shot a bit closer, it makes me wonder whether the shot may have been manipulated, i.e. how did the photographer step off the wooden ladder and his shadow not casting on the wall and on the scaffolding boards (shoes). Be it as it may, the shot shows the dangerous job of the now extinct full riding dogman and construction standards in those days. Dogman riding the hook in Sydney 1981 www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci40Ylzio-M Dogman riding the hook 1970 www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPtPKd9_4VU And, how it is done these days: www.flickr.com/photos/skumroffe/49073834861/in/gallery-30...

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    State Library of NSW

    • 09/Aug/2021 01:05:20


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    Andrey Timofeev

    • 10/Aug/2021 14:19:25

    Wow, great!

  • profile

    Blue Mountains Library, Local Studies

    • 13/Aug/2021 01:04:36

    "Happy Holiday in Queensland, Sunshine State" "Queensland Govt. Tourist Bureau" on the façade.

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    • 30/Dec/2021 03:32:29

    Omg!!!!!! 😱