Health workers during the 'Spanish' influenza pandemic. Riley St. Depot, Surry Hills NSW

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Title: Health workers during the 'Spanish' influenza pandemic. Riley St. Depot, Surry Hills NSW
Date: April 1919
Digital ID: NRS4481_ST6679
Series: NRS 4481 Government Printing Office glass plate negatives
Rights: No known copyright restrictions

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Owner: MHNSW - State Archives Collection
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 18499
influenza health nurse wwi archive blackandwhite

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    • 17/Jan/2020 09:07:19

    Going by the building behind on the left, GoogleMapsStreetview -

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    • 23/Jan/2020 17:12:44


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    • 26/Mar/2020 23:28:27

    Excellent attention to PPE, even without gloves you couldn't easily touch you face anyway.

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    • 16/Sep/2020 07:25:48

    @ [] Here's something! Sitting at the beach today reading the July/August 2020 NRMA 'Open Road' (because I was trying to avoid talking to a boring stranger) and there is this photo in the letters section on page 11. A Peter Kirkton writes to say he has a copy with handwritten reverse with the names of these characters - " ... The reason I have this picture is that the central figure in front is my aunt, the Australian novelist Christina Stead. But I don't know how to apply the names on the back. ... ... the Riley Street Depot was on the corner of Riley and Collins Street in what is currently a school and was such back then. During 1919, Christina was 17 years old and in her final year of schooling, apparently excelling in English with a special interest in poetry and prose. ... ... " Wiki - Might already be common knowledge at NSW State Archives.

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    • 16/Sep/2020 07:26:40

    ps The NRMA 'Open Road' edition is online. Here is the relevant page -

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    • 16/Sep/2020 07:31:32

    Ping @

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    • 16/Sep/2020 12:53:08 That NRMA story was also picked up by the Sydney Girls High School newsletter in August -

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    • 16/Sep/2020 20:35:05 Goody!