A known unknown? Herbert Moore Pim

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Where: Waterford, Ireland

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When: 01 January 1910

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A Poole studio image of this hirsute young man with a distinctive name to match his appearance. He features in the Irish Political Figures collection but I, for one, have never heard of him before. Therefore, could he be described as a known unknown?

While previously unknown to all of us Marys, we were delighted to be schooled on the life and times of Herbert Moore Pim. While summarised in the verso of this image (itself "shopped" from a Poole original) an aptly titled article on the Curious Career of Herbert Moore Pim covers the main points. At once Quaker and Catholic, Unionist and separatist, fascist and bohemian, he comes across as one who perhaps was a little less certain of his own mind than most others in the political figures collection. He did seem to maintain his lustrous beard throughout however :)

Photographers: Various

Collection: Irish Political Figures Photographic Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1910-1920


You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at catalogue.nli.ie


Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    Niall McAuley

    • 21/Sep/2018 08:30:41

    Here is the man himself, 17 in the 1901 census

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    • 21/Sep/2018 08:30:44

    Interesting life (1883 - 1950) - www.theirishstory.com/2012/02/03/the-curious-career-of-he... "There can be few Irish people who lived quite such an interesting life during these years. From Unionism to the leadership of Sinn Féin and back to Unionism again. From the far-right of the British aristocracy to flirting with European fascism. Simultaneously writing religious tracts and pornographic literature under different pen names (according to his son) all the while proclaiming himself to be a devout Roman Catholic, while keeping several mistresses on the go. Pim can be accused of many things but he was certainly never dull."

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    • 21/Sep/2018 08:30:52

    I googled his name. an interesting read - he dabbled in everything and changed directions regularly. and that beard style is back in vogue too :-)

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    • 21/Sep/2018 08:33:27

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ A hipster for sure.

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    • 21/Sep/2018 10:04:56

    lisburn.com/history/history_lisburn/herbert_moore_pim.htm writer, insurance man. died 1950. Political activities, Quaker.

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    • 21/Sep/2018 10:07:31

    THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER. Had your reward been treasure, yea much gold, A lavish bribe, riches uncountable, Your children's children might have lived to tell How Ireland for a royal price was sold. Nero hath charms, and Borgia is rolled With comfort from our tongue, and even Hell Can boast its Lucifer. It is not well To sin poor sins — 'tis better to be bold. Cherish your well-oiled League machinery ; Wrap votes of confidence about your head, And point the way to Warsaw or Belgrade. Teach, if you will, that slaves are always free. But keep far from the graves of Ireland's dead Lest martyrs rise, and make even you afraid ! Written in 1917

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    • 21/Sep/2018 10:10:56

    The quality and sharpness of this photo is top drawer.

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    • 21/Sep/2018 11:32:52

    Here is the half-length photo - catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000640848/HierarchyTree?hiera... And and a full-length looking the other way - catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000640849/HierarchyTree?hiera... What is that thing on his tie pin - a hand?

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    • 21/Sep/2018 14:14:25

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/beachcomberaustralia If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it looks like a small branch from near the tip of an antler.

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    • 21/Sep/2018 17:22:38

    a great choice of photo, as for lots of obvious reasons, both established systems on either side of the border, have written out of history (with a small h) . more unknown known please. the country's founding men and women were an enigmatic group - more eclectics please. how about Childers (erskine) or if we are into beard fashion - Casement

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    domenico milella

    • 22/Sep/2018 07:51:09

    Congratulation for your beautiful Album - Nice Week End.

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    abandoned railways

    • 22/Sep/2018 15:10:30

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/beachcomberaustralia Its a mule deer tie pin, but it is high on the tie, maybe its a crevat.

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 23/Sep/2018 23:27:18

    Thanks all - Delighted to be schooled on the life and times of Moore Pim. It seems the double-barreled nature of his name reflected in a duality throughout his life. He certainly had more than a share of the "-ists" covered throughout (fascist, unionist, loyalist, separatist, egotist, occultist - each described by the different bios available). This duality is a dramatic juxtaposition to the more single-minded nature of the other "heads" in the Irish Political Figures Collection. His beard was smashing however - it has to be said :) (PS: As the studio copyright of this is unabashedly with our friends in Waterford, I've mapped it to the Poole premises on the Mall...)

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    Dr. Ilia

    • 26/Sep/2018 08:00:06

    superb capture