The model, the camera and the Raleigh All Steel!

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1968

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This commercial modelling shot from the Tynan Collection shows an attractive young lady modelling a geansaí with traditional patterns. She is holding a movie camera but to be honest she doesn't look too sure about it. Perhaps, in this case, more a prop than a tool?

Photographers: Denis Tynan 1923 - 2010

Collection: Tynan Photographic Collection

Date: 1966


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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 17634
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  • profile


    • 28/Jun/2018 07:40:21

    Beautiful Rolliecord TLR camera! It has a "pistol grip", with a remote shutter release attached to it. ii manual.pdf

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    • 28/Jun/2018 07:46:12

    Oh don't want to be a camera bore (on Flickr!) but it's a twin lens reflex photo camera . it could be a rolleicord iv or v. rolleicord were the affordable versions of the rolleiflex. yawn .😊 trendy 60s doo

  • profile


    • 28/Jun/2018 07:47:32

    ps she is not dressed for the current heatwave

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 28/Jun/2018 08:15:22 She doesn't look like she knows one end from the other but she is very pretty!

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 28/Jun/2018 08:17:00

    Dungloe hand knits were branded as St. Crone knitwear.

  • profile


    • 28/Jun/2018 08:19:45 You might be surprised to know just how many Models become photographers or were photographers. This photo, was obviously taken by a guy. Female Photographers have a different style. I believe the camera is a 1954 to 1957 edition, which might help to narrow down the date and location.

  • profile

    domenico milella

    • 28/Jun/2018 08:36:09

    Congratulation for your beautiful Album,

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    • 28/Jun/2018 08:42:13 Photo of Denis in the above.

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    FotoShot 2000

    • 28/Jun/2018 12:01:40

    Superb capture of the times... fashion and hair style. So nice to have Denis Tynan vintage photos in Ireland’s National Library collection📚

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    • 28/Jun/2018 14:05:12

    Please, I enjoy the intelligent discussion far too much here, so can we stop with the photographer stereotyping. It's a fine photograph of of a very fine Aran style cardigan. Thank you. Please continue.

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    • 28/Jun/2018 14:25:00

    Lovely shot! Stylish model (with delicate earring), bold cardigan, and fine camera with sports finder open!

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    • 28/Jun/2018 21:46:33

    What about the location? The details in the NLI catalogue mention the Dungloe Co-op knitting Co., which was in Quay Road, Dungloe according to this interesting background to The Cope - . I googletootled up and down Quay Road, but found nothing relevant (love this tiny house - ), Anyone else found anything?

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    • 28/Jun/2018 23:49:03[email protected] Seconded

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    • 29/Jun/2018 19:22:25

    That’s not a movie camera but a Rolleicord V, with an F&H pistol-grip shutter release attached

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    • 29/Jun/2018 21:15:13

    Flickr is sometimes ... In 2008 via

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    • 09/Jul/2018 19:08:18

    lol that everyone (including me) concentrates on the camera

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    • 12/Nov/2019 18:06:06

    the photographer must have had another quality back-up camera as the quality is superb.