And the crowd went wild.

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Where: Dublin, Ireland

Try to find the spot where the photographer was standing.

When: 01 January 1922

Try to find the date or year when this image was made.
The title on this Hogan-Wilson image is "Michael Collins arrival being made the scene of a great ovation when the crowd become aware of his presence" The challenge now is to establish the date, the place and if we can identify Collins in the crowd?

Though worthy of the nickname 'the Big Fella', Collins was somewhat hard to spot here. But the general consensus is that he's in the centre - making his way through the barely noticable passage through the middle! Thanks are due to O Mac for pinpointing the location (Dawson Street/Mansion House), BultacoFan and Frank_C for pinpointing Collins, and BeachcomberAustralia and others for pinpointing the most likely date. Niallsisson also offers an intruiging suggestion on the car - as the one that may have been taking Collins to Dublin Castle for the handover. If so, the mood and volume of the crowd is hardly surprising.....

Photographer: W. D. Hogan

Collection: Hogan Wilson Collection

Date: Not dated but likely c.1921-1922. Perhaps Jan 1922 (see comments)

NLI Ref.: HOGW 174

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    domenico milella

    • 27/Mar/2018 08:13:37

    Congratulation for your beautiful Album.

  • profile

    O Mac

    • 27/Mar/2018 08:20:31

    Photograph taken from Mansion House looking down on Dawson Street. Dawson Street View Possibly 16th January 1922... after being elected chairman of Provisional Government was on his way to handover at Dublin Castle.

  • profile

    Oretani Wildlife (Mike Grimes)

    • 27/Mar/2018 09:38:50

    I love the way they're all craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the Big Fella.

  • profile


    • 27/Mar/2018 09:42:22

    I think he's the man in the fedora at the front of the centre group.

  • profile

    abandoned railways

    • 27/Mar/2018 10:30:50

    Frank is right, Michael Collins seldom wore a hat.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 27/Mar/2018 10:47:03 Agreed, I think Frank has pinned the note on the big fella.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 27/Mar/2018 10:48:42

    Although this is titled "arrival", it looks as if Collins is heading for a car, so perhaps he was leaving? Or what said.

  • profile


    • 27/Mar/2018 12:27:08

    What amazes me most is that this photo is only now surfacing - it's hard to believe anyone would have filed this away considering how amazing it is. As regards the hat, I have seen a lot of photos of him wearing a pale Homburg-style of hat, but he might have removed his hat if about to address the crowd. Descriptions by IRA guys of seeing him in the field suggest he always wore a hat and trench coat when out and about. It's great fun all this stuff.

  • profile


    • 27/Mar/2018 13:19:46

    Great photo. Well done to all.

  • profile


    • 27/Mar/2018 15:42:27

    Sorry, I meant a Homburg and not a fedora, but I agree that it's probably the other guy.

  • profile


    • 27/Mar/2018 21:12:45

    Via Trove, a report in the Australian papers the next day -

    ... Animated scenes were witnessed at Dublin Castle and in adjoining streets during the ceremony of transferring powers from the castle. Members of the Provisional Government, together with the Lord-Lieutenant (Viscount Fitzalan) and heads of Government departments, met at the Mansion House in the afternoon. The proceedings lasted an hour. After the departure of prominent officials Mr. Michael Collins and other Ministers left the Chamber and drove off to the accompaniment of cheers from the crowds. The Lord-Lieutenant also received an ovation...
    From (17/1/1922) And another chatty article describing Michael Collins arriving at Dublin Castle in a taxi - possibly that vehicle with the tyre on its roof seen in the photo. Evidently his previous visit to the Castle had been "in the guise of the driver of a coal cart" -

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    • 28/Mar/2018 06:30:51

    merveilleuses photos pleines de souvenirs wonderful pictures full of memories

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    le cabri

    • 28/Mar/2018 12:24:56

    Excellent capture

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  • profile

    marinela 2008

    • 28/Mar/2018 21:02:44

    Congrats on Explore !

  • profile

    Dún Laoghaire Micheál

    • 28/Mar/2018 22:23:11

    Yes, but where's Wally?

  • profile

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 28/Mar/2018 23:10:27

    Thanks everyone for the excellent inputs. Including to with the help with the location, and for finding Collins, and others for the suggested date, and for the suggestion on the car! I have attempted to summarise the key lessons in the description. Very much appreciated as usual. There aren't words to express how much I love this stream - so you can all help yourselves to a virtual sticky bun by way of thanks instead :)

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    • 29/Mar/2018 02:22:41


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    • 11/Apr/2018 09:06:41

    Can you spot the man who came without a hat?

  • profile

    Brendan J. Grogan

    • 04/Nov/2021 15:14:38

    Where's Wally ? ....