Horse apples, stone walls and Benbo!

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Where: Leitrim, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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This Eason image of Benbo mountain in County Leitrim has lots of atmosphere provided by a long line of horse dung, well constructed stone walls, a man (policeman?) with a firearm(?) walking off into the distance, and the mountain looking down over all! Not very uplifting on this windy morning in January but interesting nonetheless and the "streetview" will no doubt be illuminating?

With thanks to Streetview inputs from B-59 and sharon.corbet we have confirmation that this part of Manorhamilton is still readily recognisable - though thankfully with fewer deposited/natural obstacles to overcome :)

Photographer: Unknown

Collection: Eason Photographic Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1900-1920

NLI Ref: Eas 2642

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 24864
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    • 24/Jan/2018 09:06:00

    What an incredible photo.

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    • 24/Jan/2018 09:21:07

    Streetview osi 25"

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 24/Jan/2018 09:36:52[email protected] Bang on Streetview, it's not often it gets so close to the original. Pity about the cloud on the mountain!

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    • 24/Jan/2018 10:21:39

    [[email protected]] [] Oct 2009 Streetview (Without the cloud)

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    • 24/Jan/2018 10:28:55

    The house dates from 1880ish according to the NIAH.

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    historical bells

    • 24/Jan/2018 11:07:45


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    • 24/Jan/2018 12:12:38

    I reckon that could just as easily be a post satchel as a firearm.

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    • 24/Jan/2018 13:10:58

    It has a very gritty appearance and I like that. A fascinating image.

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    abandoned railways

    • 24/Jan/2018 18:12:16

    All the dung could mean a lot of horses, stationary for a while. Foxhunt maybe.

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    • 24/Jan/2018 20:41:47

    About three miles from the town of Manorhamilton is a mountain called Benbo. It is about one thousand seven hundred feet high. Once a man who lived at the bottom of this mountain dreamed three nights in succession, that if he went up to the top of the mountain at a certain time he would see a cow coming out of the lake which was on the top of the mountain. ... ...
    Read on at -

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    • 24/Jan/2018 20:50:14

    for your convenience...

    ... The lake which is on the top of the mountain is small and round. In it is black bog water. In dry weather it never dries up, or in wet weather it rises any higher than it is. He also was told in his dream that if he stood between the cow and the lake, and if he spit at the cow three times, before she could get into the lake he would have her. He did so and got the cow. Benbo means the hill of the cow's horns. Another story is that a man dreamed three nights after other, that if he went up to the top of the mountain at twelve o'clock, at night and sat there for some times beside the lake, he would see a crock of gold sailing towards him. In his dream he was told that if he took his eyes off it, while it was sailing towards he would not get it. He did so and while it was sailing towards him he heard a noise behind him. He looked around and saw nothing. When he turned round again the crock of gold was gone. Thomas McTernan Boys National School Manorhamilton 18 - 3 - 1938

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    • 24/Jan/2018 20:51:13

    Perhaps this is what the photo is all about ?!

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 25/Jan/2018 17:36:14

    Thanks all! I have updated the map, tags and description. I delayed posting for a bit (as I went hunting for mentions of post offices with telegraph services in the directories), but couldn't find anything in that vein that would help refine our 20 year range. Nor could I get my eyes to focus on the magic-eye posters - to refine a date on that basis. 1900 to 1920 it remains :)

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    Tommy Weir

    • 01/Feb/2018 10:41:42

    It's the Sligo road out of Manorhamilton alright.