Farrell's Barricade

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Where: Dublin, Ireland

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When: 01 January 1922

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Our first visit to the Hogan-Wilson for this year, and an intriguing image of cars, carts and carriages across the entrance to a street as some form of barricade. The name on the premises behind may assist in a location but what was going on and why the blockage? (FYI - It was great to see the response to yesterdays image with that wonderful poster proving its worth more than 100 years after it was posted!)

And we had fantastic inputs on today's image also. There is clear consensus that Hogan took this image from the corner of Upper Gloucester Street (now Sean McDermott Street), looking south and down Marlborough Street. Probably in late June or very early July 1922. The business pictured behind the barricade, Farrell's Undertakers, was at 66 Marlborough Street. Immediately to the right, behind the wall and gate, was St Thomas' Church. This barricade was placed by anti-treaty irregulars during the 'Battle of Dublin' of the Irish Civil War. The church and much of the surrounding area was burned in early July 1922. In the decade after the civil war, the ruins were demolished, and the streets relaid to a sligtly different pattern. (The street is no longer the 'T-junction' we see here, and runs straight 'through' the wall and old church graveyard). A new St Thomas' Church was however built very closeby in 1930 - over what was the parish hall on Findlater Place....

Photographer: W. D. Hogan

Collection: Hogan Wilson Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1922. Likely June/July 1922

NLI Ref.: HOG144

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile

    Carol Maddock

    • 11/Jan/2018 09:25:58

    Love when this happens! We have a copy of that EASTER WEEK REPEATS ITSELF poster here at Library Towers, so deffo 1922... :)

  • profile

    domenico milella

    • 11/Jan/2018 09:38:59

    Congratulation for your beautiful Album.

  • profile

    Carol Maddock

    • 11/Jan/2018 09:53:10

    There's a Peter Farrell, job coach and undertaker establishment at 66 Marlborough Street (also 49-52 Corporation Street) in Thom's Directory, 1922.

  • profile


    • 11/Jan/2018 10:19:09

    Could this photo be taken from Upper Gloucester Street (now Sean McDermott Street) with Marlborough Street extending southwards behind the barricade and St Thomas's Church out of sight behind the railings and the disused graveyard out of sight behind the curving wall? maps.osi.ie/publicviewer/#V2,715905,734970,12,9

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jan/2018 10:33:51

    The gate at left of this archive drawing of the front of St. Thomas's looks exactly like the gate pictured here.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jan/2018 10:37:43

    If so, there is not a brick left standing today.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jan/2018 10:39:27

    Also per the archive, Marlborough Street was barricaded in July 1922

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 11/Jan/2018 10:41:41

    St. Thomas's was completely destroyed in the 1922 fires, see archiseek on the replacement.

  • profile

    John Spooner

    • 11/Jan/2018 12:43:34

    Farrell had telephone 711, according to the advert which regularly appeared in the Dublin Evening Telegraph (just under the deaths and in memoriam announcements).

  • profile


    • 11/Jan/2018 17:20:56

    I completely concur on location. Seems unequivocal that Hogan was standing on Upper Gloucester (Sean Macdermott) Street, looking S/SW across Marlborough Street. If https://www.flickr.com/photos/47297387@N03's directory listing, https://www.flickr.com/photos/139877639@N08's map of the curved wall, and https://www.flickr.com/photos/gnmcauley's gate illustration weren't enough, Thom's Directory describes this stretch of Marlborough Street. Matching what we see. It places St Thomas' church directly south of Gregg's Lane, and Farrell's directly south of the church. It also suggests that the "B" in "B Farrell" was Bridget Farrell. Whose business also has a presence on nearby Mabbot Lane.

  • profile


    • 11/Jan/2018 22:49:26

    Aux barricades, citoyens! It must have been very early in July 1922, as this 4/7/1922 article via Trove talks of the "rebels" being driven into a congested area bordered by Sackville, Marlborough, and Parnell Square - trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/16011218 And surrendering the Parcels Office in Marlborough St by 8 July - trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/159056973 In flames by 5 July according to this book, with a bit of the historical context (which I do not understand, to my shame!) - books.google.com.au/books?id=BO34AwAAQBAJ&pg=PT210&am...

  • profile

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 11/Jan/2018 23:35:24

    Amazing stuff - Thanks so much everyone! I have attempted to summarise the detail, and have updated the map, description and date. A bit sad to have to add this to the "no longer standing" album - but a fascinating insight into the events that framed the modern city....

  • profile


    • 12/Jan/2018 03:06:05

    Poster to the left of the door says "Easter Week repeats itself", I can't read the ones on the other side. One to the immediate right of the door seems to say Kilkenny, one next to it says "citizenship" at the bottom

  • profile

    Architecture of Dublin

    • 20/Jul/2020 18:45:01

    A very detailed look at the two St. Thomas's Churches (the older photographed here) from the Irish Architectural Archive www.iarc.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/IAA-1916-ART-15.pdf [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Thomas%27s_Church_(old),_Dublin]

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