From top of County Hall, Cork City, Co. Cork

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Where: Cork, Ireland

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When: 04 September 1968

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On the day ex-Hurrricane "Ophelia" is set to land in Ireland and starting in Cork we thought we should put up another Cork image in solidarity with the people there! This view from the top of the County Hall shows lots of Council(?) trucks and sheds, and some of the local roads. I am sure that in the intervening years a lot has changed in the locality and it would be interesting to see that view today? To all our contributors, stay safe!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, while ex-hurricane Ophelia kept many of the country's roads quite today, this stretch of the Carrigrohane Straight remained quiet (comment wise) today. Hopefully everyone kept safe, warm and dry today - and didn't venture onto any windy heights as Mr. O'Dea did. Codladh sámh!

Photographer: James P. O'Dea

Collection:James P. O'Dea

Date: 4 September 1968

NLI Ref.: ODEA 59/11

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 16/Oct/2017 07:46:56

    They've got a couple of Leyland Beavers.

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    • 16/Oct/2017 07:55:07

    The Science Building in UCC (now the Kane Science Building) is under construction in the background

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:04:24

    The houses on the left hand side of the Carrigrohane Road are still there while the garage has made way for UCC student accommodation. The road layout is still the same.

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:16:11

    A smashing view of Cork :) With lots to see. While I would normally be chomping-at-the-bit to mansplain my way through any Cork photo, I've gotta head out the back again. And weigh down the fallen garden fence-panel. And retrieve the lifted shed felt-panel :) Stay safe all today. And certainly don't go trying to recreate this shot. Certainly not at lunchtime when this Ophelia tracking site suggests the County Hall will be taking a brunt of it :)

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 16/Oct/2017 08:20:02 "Attendees: Governor Kate Warner, Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman, et al" Don't get me wrong. I like Al :) He's just a divil for the free sausages at these things. Al would show up at the opening of an envelope - if it meant free nibbles :)

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:29:05

    The Cork County Hall (built 1968) was the tallest storeyed (17 floors) building in Ireland at the time -,_Cork . Mr O'Dea must have been excited to be up there. btw - where is his car ? ... ... ... S T A Y S A F E F L I C K E R O O N I E S !!

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:30:18

    Gotcha. Well, acknowledging what happened and putting it into historical context, plus the Irish President visiting wee Tasmania is a great thing. I just wish he received as warm a welcome and media blessing as the President of Communist China (Pfft!) had received, when he visited. Tasmania pollies, tourism gurus and those exporting dairy and fruit are soooo desperate for Chinese $$$, they kiss the Chinese arse. AND, the Chinese tourists and their brats attending our university know it, thus treat us pretty poorly. Throwing their litter like they were in China and demanding premium service, just because they are spending money. So, I am saying President Higgins was a real breath of fresh air. If you would like any photos for your records, from the above, to preserve for posterity and to remind the Irish people what true bastards and bigots the British were, just let me know which ones you would like and I will send them no charge. God bless Uachtarán na hÉireann Higgins and Rowan Gillespie for standing up for what IS right and putting history in its true context.

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:39:12

    4 September 1968 was a Wednesday. I counted backwards on my fingers and toes.

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:39:24

    A photo of the same view from 2010 is in (scroll halfway down) - many changes

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    • 16/Oct/2017 08:51:47

    Flickr is sometimes amazing (not 100% sure if these are the same direction) - in 2011 by And in 2017 by

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 16/Oct/2017 20:02:51

    I'm quietly glad that most didn't venture onto this precarious height (alongside Mr O'Dea) today. Hopefully the relative quiet this Monday has meant that everyone stayed indoors, safe, warm and dry! It sounds like, in the South particularly, today could have been this generation's "Night of the Big Wind"! Or, at the very least, something to point-at and reminisce-about in a future series of "Reeling in the Years" :)

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    abandoned railways

    • 18/Oct/2017 14:45:54

    The first house on the left, that isn't in line with the others, was originally the toll house.

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    • 22/Oct/2017 09:41:33,565147,571325,11,7 Map of "new "straight road- pre railway. I had to look up "osiery"' apparently where reeds are grown for thatching

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    • 22/Oct/2017 09:43:10,565147,571325,11,9 post railway