Glen of Imaal, Co. Wicklow

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Where: Wicklow, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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The Glen of Imaal - Gleann Uí Mháill - the Bare Glen but not the Glen itself but rather Leitrim Castle in the Glen. If you are not confused by now then I hope that there will be clarity by the evening? As the Irish Defence Forces artillery range is located there it is not a place much frequented by visitors but its rugged beauty is well worth viewing.

Almost simultaneously this morning, Rory_Sherlock and Niall McAuley proposed/confirmed that this is (or more properly was) Leitrim Barracks close to the Military Road in County Wicklow. While appearing in maps from the 19th and very early 20th centuries, the building was severaly damaged by fire in 1914. And now no longer stands...

Photographer: Robert French

Collection: Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1865-1914. Certainly before 1914.

NLI Ref: L_ROY_09068

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 02/Oct/2017 08:44:17

    Is this it?,697909,694534,12,9 Yes - the Post Office is visible to the right in the megazoom

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    Niall McAuley

    • 02/Oct/2017 08:46:15

    The GeoHive 25" shows a Leitrim Barracks up there. The Glen also known for: Liath

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 02/Oct/2017 08:51:26

    The photo matches the 25", double bay frontage etc. That building is not on the 1830s 6", and it is gone today (aerial view from Google maps, this streetview would show the rere.)

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 02/Oct/2017 08:54:46

    The 25" survey is from 1908.

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    • 02/Oct/2017 09:31:46

    According to, the building was demolished by fire in 1914.

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    • 02/Oct/2017 09:49:04

    Interesting background history - " ... Not strictly on the Military Road itself was Leitrim Barracks in the Glen Imaal. Its function was to protect the old mountain track way linking Glen lmaal to Glendalough. ... "Leitrim Barracks in Glen Imaal was the largest building with a compliment of 200. ..."

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    • 02/Oct/2017 09:58:26

    And rootschat chit-chat (reference to this photo on page 2) -

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    Bernard Healy

    • 02/Oct/2017 18:37:10

    Off-topic for this post, but I've managed to track down a lot of info about the Shorten family from Friday's photo, I would be surprised if there aren't descendants of Dr Shorten that could be tracked down with a little more detective work.

  • profile

    O Mac

    • 02/Oct/2017 21:24:18

    The name 'Leitrim' is derived from the Irish Liath Druim, meaning 'grey ridge'. It's a common place name.

  • profile

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 02/Oct/2017 22:49:49

    Excellent - Thanks all! Have updated the description. What do we think about the date? Certainly the dress of the lads in the doorway would suggest (to my eye at least) that we're around the turn of the century. And the civvies (rather than uniforms) might imply that these are either old-soldiers or staff? (The Abe Lincoln looking chap on the left does seem to have some kind of tool(?) Maybe they are working on the dilapidated looking plaster work?) Whatever the year, the open windows and shirt sleeves would seem to suggest summer months...