"Stage at Fianna Fáil Convention, Co. Donegal"

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Where: Donegal, Ireland

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When: 08 November 1970

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Some very well-known political hairstyles in evidence in this Donegal photograph. Surprising, perhaps, for those times, that only one gentleman is smoking? Not surprising for those times, that there's not a female woman to be seen!

Rory_Sherlock proposes some names for our all-male panel, including several who held relatively high office like Brian Lenihan and Joseph Brennan. And Carol Maddock proposes a location - as Glenties in County Donegal. However, as the gremlins/pandas still seem to be gumming-up the mapping machine, I am not able to yet update the location. Now where is that number for Flickr tech support - I hope they are open in the evenings....

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Photographer: Denis Tynan 1923-2010

Collection: Tynan Photographic Collection

Date: Sunday, 8 November 1970

NLI Ref: NPA TYN1471

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 25/Jan/2019 10:26:58

    Great hairstyles 😁. The same the world over though as politics was serious business, men’s business then. It is a terrific image of those days. I don’t know any of them. It looks even more dated than 70s.

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    Carol Maddock

    • 25/Jan/2019 15:50:54

    According to the newspapers, this convention was a huge deal, but was actually on Sunday 8th, not Monday 9th November. And it was in Glenties. From the Donegal News on 14 November 1970:

    "Donegal reflects the feeling of the Country" – Minister tells Fianna Fail Convention "This area is used as a cockpit, and regarded as reflecting the feeling of the county. It is vital for all to think in terms of the country rather than the parish. The fate of the government is as stake". This was how the Minister for Lands, Mr. Sean Flanagan, put it to the Fianna Fail convention in Glenties on Sunday: the difference between their bye-election and the normal general election. Already the district had some taste of what was coming their way. There were three Ministers of the government and a parliamentary secretary on this Fianna Fail platform. And around the area were many leading figures of Fine Gael from various parts of the country shouting out their calls and claims at after-Mass meetings. The next few weeks will be difficult ones for the people of West and South Donegal and Leitrim, with so many prominent men trying to persuade them into their way of thinking, and voting.
    Apparently the convention selected Gweedore doctor, 38-year-old Patrick Delap to stand for Fianna Fáil in the upcoming bye-election. The Donegal Democrat on 13 November 1970 listed those on the platform as... Brian Lenihan, T.D., Minister for Transport and Power Charlie Gallagher, chairman of the Dáil Ceantair (constituency council) Tom Brennan, secretary of the Dáil Ceantair J. Brennan, T.D., Minister for Labour and Social Welfare Mr Flanagan Liam Cunningham, T.D. Parliamentary Sec. to the Minister for Local Govt. Senator Bernard McGlinchey

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    Carol Maddock

    • 25/Jan/2019 15:54:21

    And there were no female women in the audience at all, at all!

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    • 25/Jan/2019 20:08:23

    Buenas fotos antiguas .

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    • 25/Jan/2019 22:11:49

    I think Dr. Delap was the brother of the late District Justice Seán Delap who used unconventional methods to sort out problems of disorderly behaviour. He would bind the culprit to call to the Garda Station at midnight sober