Eerste Wereldoorlog, loopgraven

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Spaarnestad Photo, SFA022800219

Eerste Wereldoorlog : Een Franse soldaat draagt een soort harnas als bescherming tegen rondvliegende kogels boven de loopgraaf. Frankrijk, 1915.

First World War. A French soldier wearing a kind of armour as protection against flying bullets above the trench. France, 1915.


Owner: Nationaal Archief
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile


    • 15/Nov/2008 06:52:02

    Maybe the French military borrowed their armour design from the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly? Who knows... I borrowed this image for a blog post over at CherryFingers Dynasty. Thanks for the fantastic pic.

  • profile

    Erny van Wijk

    • 15/Nov/2008 07:56:06

    this looks more like a drawing than a photo. Might it be an artist impression of an eyewitness account ?

  • profile

    Prince Heathen

    • 25/Nov/2008 17:22:05

    The body armour looks better made than the helmet, and appears to be the pre-war armour worn by cuirassiers (heavy cavalry). If so, it wasn't bullet-proof!

  • profile

    Sanders teh Destroyer

    • 04/Dec/2008 03:02:26[email protected]?1226737601#[email protected]" height="24" width="24" /> It wasn't uncommon for photographs to be drawn over back then. Lots of photos use hand touch ups to bring out detail, this one just takes it to an extreme.

  • profile


    • 08/Dec/2008 19:57:46

    Also in Italy "arditi" soldiers used to wear that, if I'm not wrong. But it wasn't so bullet-proof.

  • profile

    quarrelsome tin

    • 26/Dec/2008 03:53:37

    HEH reminds me of Monty Python's Holy Grail :P

  • profile


    • 01/Jan/2009 11:54:32

    Ned Kelly tunnels his way out of Australian prison in 1881 and emerges in German trench in 1915

  • profile


    • 29/Jan/2009 19:05:41

    This image has been featured in the post World War I Armour. (I wonder how long this was used for?) badge

  • profile

    Steve Starer

    • 05/Oct/2011 17:36:03

    What a hoot. I could use one of those for work