"Cavalry and infantry in the battle of the hunt" is neither....

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Where: Waterford, Ireland

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When: 30 January 1914

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Horsemen and marshals stand and pose for their moment in time. The once respected and much enjoyed experience of hunting (by the humans at any rate) has changed in recent times. Today many oppose the hunt in most forms, and the focus is not only on the fox/hare/badger victim but also on the horses and dogs who could be injured in the process. This fine photograph by Mr. Poole is probably of a hunt in Waterford(?)

Titled "horsemen and marshals group" in the catalogue, it seems we jumped to an incorrect conclusion with the "hunt" association. Instead it seems that the "horsemen and marshals" were organisers and stewards for a Remondite rally in support of the Home Rule movement in late January 1914. Contemporary accounts (as suggested by Flickroonies Fred Dean Snr, sharon.corbet and BeachcomberAustralia) state that the crowds were such that "stewards on horseback kept back the crowds that swelled onto the streets". Hence, what we thought was perhaps a hunting bugle, is instead likely a loud-hailer for crowd management. Paul O'Farrell proposes a location of the Waterford Courthouse - a common location for Poole shots of this type. Thanks all!

Photographer: A. H. Poole

Collection: Poole Photographic Studio, Waterford

Date: Catalogue date c.30 January 1914


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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile

    Ger Cos

    • 15/Aug/2018 07:26:45

    The quality of these photos always amaze me, when you consider their age.

  • profile

    domenico milella

    • 15/Aug/2018 07:56:27

    Congratulation for your beautiful Album.

  • profile

    abandoned railways

    • 15/Aug/2018 08:24:08

    If that is the Station building in the background, this was taken in or around Abbey Farm. They are all wearing Home Rule badges.

  • profile

    abandoned railways

    • 15/Aug/2018 09:05:27

    Waterford Beagle Club founded 1927

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 09:29:22

    I don't think it's a hunt, but instead some sort of Home Rule events like a demonstration. The badges (?) say "Home Rule Committee" on them, so I think they are some of the marshals for the parade/demonstration.

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 09:43:42

    According to the Irish Times of 31st January 1914, Redmond had been in Waterford the previous Sunday (25th January) and there was a demonstration. Century Ireland mentioned the following in their article: Earlier, a procession through the city took place along streets decorated with flags, bunting and banners. The procession began at the Mall and included numerous bands, organisations and public bodies. Stewards on horseback kept back the crowds that swelled onto the streets..

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 09:45:51

    30 January 1914 was a Friday.

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 09:50:01

    There was a big Home Rule demonstration with Mr Redmond on Sunday 25 January 1914 - via Trove - trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/151691356 {Ed. Snap! @ [https://www.flickr.com/photos/scorbet/]]

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 09:50:34

    Some of the same people turn up in this photo entitled "Organising Committee for J. Redmond Esq. M.P." from February 5th 1914.

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 10:11:27

    The Redmond family had a busy day on 25/1/1914 ... [https://www.flickr.com/photos/nlireland/6759347503/] And Redmond + wife + daughter on 26/1/1914 ... catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000592973 catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000592974

  • profile


    • 15/Aug/2018 20:28:36

    I'm pretty certain this was taken in the grounds of the court house on the North East side. That looks like the tower of Greyfriars in the background.

  • profile

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 15/Aug/2018 22:27:38

    Great. Thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] for the location, and https://www.flickr.com/photos/abandonedrailsireland,https://www.flickr.com/photos/scorbet, & https://www.flickr.com/photos/beachcomberaustralia for the correction on the subject. That will teach us to look a little closer! I've updated the map, desciption, date and tags.

  • profile

    Dr. Ilia

    • 20/Aug/2018 08:00:06

    remarkable image

  • profile


    • 26/Jan/2020 11:28:15

    i'm hoping the guy on the white horse with the 'marshal' sash is parnell's brother john howard, 71yo in 1914, dublin city marshall, described by leopold bloom as "Eaten a bad egg. Poached eyes on ghost. I have a pain... He'd look nice on the city charger"