Unidentified crew member on HMAS Hobart

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Where: عدن, Yemen

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When: 01 February 1940

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ID Number: 001100/20
Maker: Parer, Damien Peter (read more about the photographer at www.awm.gov.au/people/78005.asp )
Place made: Yemen: South Yemen, Aden

Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions.

This photograph is from the Australian War Memorial's collection www.awm.gov.au

Persistent URL: cas.awm.gov.au/photograph/001100/20


Owner: Australian War Memorial collection
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 37951
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    Rodrigo Perez

    • 11/Nov/2008 00:13:50


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    • 13/Nov/2008 15:47:33

    very nice shot

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    Danial Yahya

    • 14/Nov/2008 16:25:42

    yah nazi walla

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    • 17/Nov/2008 12:06:05

    An amazing, and very strong profile. -- http://blog.flickr.net/en (?)

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    • 23/Dec/2008 04:28:20


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    • 28/Dec/2008 06:39:43

    great photo !

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    • 03/Feb/2009 00:43:50

    he has such an interesting skull

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    dependent butter

    • 25/Apr/2009 03:46:28

    Great Photo. Very Nice Doc.

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    • 14/May/2009 07:25:43


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    • 14/May/2009 11:03:06

    Wa hahahaha~~~so cute!!

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    • 06/Aug/2009 00:45:26

    very nice!

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    © ↑↓→ suηata ←↓↑ ΨΨΨ

    • 12/Aug/2009 11:55:40

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Beautiful Vintage Memory, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    Hailey B-J

    • 30/Aug/2009 21:56:54

    love the profile

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    synonymous name

    • 28/Jan/2010 16:27:36

    nice ribbon =)

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    • 16/Apr/2010 08:57:50

    great profile, like the rope

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    lb dlb

    • 17/Jul/2010 11:38:05

    this is gorgeous!

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    possible rose

    • 26/Aug/2010 01:38:47

    Incredible wonderful

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    Angelo Ferrante

    • 18/Sep/2010 23:46:44

    beautiful portrait ! Very original !

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    • 19/Sep/2010 00:49:18

    Congratulations! This is a wonderful shot! You are invited to post it to: artland

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    Georges p

    • 26/Sep/2010 12:43:52

    Title is quite sad really, such a proud man, but no one will know who he is...

  • profile

    fab biro

    • 04/Oct/2010 13:03:46

    :) I usually have those kind of mustache and beard. sometimes is funny to look at those old photos and find how familiar they could be.

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    humorous afternoon

    • 24/Jan/2011 21:26:34

    A powerful profile.

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    • 18/Oct/2011 09:31:00

    perfect shot!

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    • 28/Jan/2012 04:09:40

    Benicektoo, Admin of this site, requested this one!

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    • 12/Sep/2012 01:03:31

    Could this be Brer Fox QMG. I was on Adelaide with a POQMG Brer Fox and the profile looks good.....

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    • 09/Nov/2012 15:04:06

    As the "Senior Service' RAN/RN personnel were entitled to grow beards, a privilege not extended to the Australian Army or Air Force (According to Wikipedia, this remains the case in 2012). My father served as a Supply Assistant on HMAS Hobart from 1942 to 1945. He told me that he too grew a beard but that Commanding Officer approval was required because scrappy, sparse beards were not permitted!

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    • 10/Nov/2012 06:28:19

    In the Royal Navy you never "Grew A beard!" A sailor had to request to see the captain, through the Commander, through his Divisional Officer for "Permission to discontinue Shaving" He was not allowed to leave the ship until the beard was grown enough to be seen as a beard. If he wanted to shave the beard off he had to Request to see the Captain, through the Commander, through his Divisional Officer for permission to CONTINUE SHAVING! This was big ship routine of course, on a smaller ship the same routine but substitute First Leuitenant for Commander. Also only a full beard was allowed, no Van Dykes.