Opening of Benwell Billiard Saloon

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Where: Unknown

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When: 28 November 1924

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View of John Grantham, Sheriff of Newcastle at the opening of Benwell Billiard Saloon, 28 November 1924 (TWAM ref. DF.GRA/1/1).

These images belong to a series of albums documenting John Grantham’s service to the City of Newcastle upon Tyne as its Sheriff 1924-1925 and its Lord Mayor 1936-1937. John Grantham was born in Blyth in 1877 and became a cinema proprietor in Newcastle. He was elected to the City Council in 1912 and became an alderman in 1932. The albums give us an interesting insight into the duties of Lord Mayor and Sheriff as well as a fascinating picture of the times.

2016 is the 800th anniversary of the creation of Newcastle's Mayoralty and Burgesses.

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    • 04/Jul/2016 12:56:02

    I suppose this meant he had to know how to play pool. Was sheriff an elected position, and did it involve directing law enforcement?

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    Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

    • 04/Jul/2016 13:41:53 sheriffs are elected by their fellow councillors and nowadays the office is essentially ceremonial. In medieval times, though, it was a different story.

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    • 04/Jul/2016 13:56:53

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    optimal chicken

    • 04/Jul/2016 15:10:48

    This is a serious question; Does anyone know where those hats can be bought? The type in the pic were a far superior design by being wider and thicker.

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    tom clearwood

    • 04/Jul/2016 17:14:09

    yes those are excellent hats, keeping rain off the neck and ears thanks to that extraordinary diameter. You can get a pretty broad harris tweed cap. In Oban.

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    optimal chicken

    • 08/Jul/2016 06:27:05

    Haha yes - Mickey Rooney. I knew he looked like someone but couldn't put a name to it. Cheers Porcy - I will indeed have a scratch around for one. The modern versions are too Yuppy for my liking..

  • profile

    tom clearwood

    • 09/Jul/2016 20:22:29

    I fear you risk being taken for a hipster...

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    • 15/Oct/2016 21:57:43

    The caps are splendid!