Civic Guards Wexford, group

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1924

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This early photograph of the Irish Police (while they were still known as the Civic Guards) shows a police service in its infancy. Two officers, three sergeants and the remaining "Guards" make up the station party of what would appear to be Wexford Town. But is that the case?

And the consensus is that it probably *is* the case - with a strong possibility that this image was captured outside the barracks in Wexford town...

Photographer: A. H. Poole

Collection: Poole Photographic Studio, Waterford

Date: c.7 June 1924


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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 06/Dec/2017 08:52:23

    7 June 1924 was a Saturday. No moustaches! Is this because of Civic Guards regulations, or fashion in 1924?

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    • 06/Dec/2017 09:00:57

    Two weeks later in Kilkenny -

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    • 06/Dec/2017 09:03:09

    And in 1923 (previous year) in Waterford -

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    • 06/Dec/2017 09:29:45

    The sergeant seated to the right of the officer (from our viewpoint) and the Garda standing immediately behind the officers are wearing a shield-shaped pins on their uniforms - probably indicative of their membership of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. Permission was given to PTTA members to wear their Pioneer Pin on their uniforms (according to message #8 in this link:

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    Niall McAuley

    • 06/Dec/2017 09:44:44

    This building on the corner Lower George's Street and Abbey Street was an RIC barracks when the GeoHive 25" map was surveyed...

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 06/Dec/2017 09:54:42

    They may be sitting at the window right of the door in that streetview.

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    • 06/Dec/2017 11:00:15

    Rory Sherlock, thanks for the background on the pioneer pins. A man drinking after hours could expect no mercy if he noticed the pioneer pin. It’s a great photo though.

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    • 06/Dec/2017 11:12:53

    Absolutely fascinating. So, I presume, that's why we still call them the 'guards'?

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    • 06/Dec/2017 15:41:57

    Actually, scratch that...

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    • 07/Dec/2017 06:15:08

    Nicely captured photo

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    • 07/Dec/2017 07:25:04

    Lovely !

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    Silje Roos

    • 07/Dec/2017 07:35:42

    Beautiful capture!

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    • 07/Dec/2017 08:44:21

    👐 Guten Tag! Nice work and greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 Marco (Founder of

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    • 07/Dec/2017 09:12:03

    Excellent shot

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    MBates Foto

    • 07/Dec/2017 10:42:38

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo for all to see. bid2 PLANET EARTH BACK IN THE DAY This group is dedicated to the past.[email protected]/

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 07/Dec/2017 11:20:44

    Thanks - That location seems more than plausible. I've updated the description to account for the (firm) possibility...

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    wooden coast

    • 07/Dec/2017 12:24:17

    Splendid capture. Beautiful. Congrats on well deserved explore

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    le cabri

    • 07/Dec/2017 12:52:04


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    Joseph Nuzzolese

    • 07/Dec/2017 13:04:25

    Nice history.

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    Dom Quartuccio

    • 07/Dec/2017 14:21:09

    Fantastic photo with a great story behind it!

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    • 07/Dec/2017 19:08:27”" width="“75”" height="75" alt="Luicabe - me gusta" />

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    • 07/Dec/2017 19:27:42

    Very nice. The detail you can see in the photo is amazing.

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    • 07/Dec/2017 19:30:13

    A wonderful group portrait, congrats on explore.

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    grand Yann

    • 07/Dec/2017 21:49:44

    Amazing shot!

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    • 08/Dec/2017 11:18:25

    I went on a hunt in the news archives today - to see if I could find any names or other details of the men pictured. Searching for mentions of the Wexford-based Civic Guard, the majority of mentions are in the sports pages. It is clear that the members of this barracks were a sporting bunch - and had pretty good tug-of-war and GAA teams. (Both of whom competed in Leinster leagues during the 1920s). Among the usual court reports, the names I found were mainly of the officers - two of whom are perhaps pictured. Specifically, in 1923 the Superintendent at Wexford was a man name Haugh. By 1924, the Superintendent was a man named Downey, who was under a Chief Supt Stack. This was until 1925, when a man named M McCarthy was transferred and promoted as Chief Supt at Wexford.