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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1914

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A very unusual and interesting shot from the Dillons of Clonbrock today. A series of posters on a notice board or wall with lots of juicy information regarding the Great War.

The catalogue description below implies that these posters were posted somewhere in Galway. Many date from early- or mid-August 1914:
  [Galway 1914] Notices on wall , one is a proclamation by the King regarding payments, another is from the Irish agricultural organisation entitled "The War and Food Supplies" and another notice entitled "Aliens Restriction Order in Council" whereby "Aliens of German nationality are to register themselves at the nearest Police Station"

Thanks in particular today to sharon.corbet and guliolopez for the transcriptions and higher-res versions of the various proclamations - they give an interesting insight into the administration's concerns at the time...

Photographers: Dillon Family

Contributors: Luke Gerald Dillon, Augusta Caroline Dillon

Collection: Clonbrock photographic Collection

Date: Circa 1914 (but no earlier than early/mid-August 1914)

NLI Ref: CLON1531

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 18/Mar/2016 09:21:07

    The proclamation on the left dates from August 6th. There were more proclamations on the 14th and later each referring to the earlier ones.

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 18/Mar/2016 11:41:19

    Thanks []. That stacks up with our own investigations on dates as well. For example, this transcription of an article dated 15 August 1914 from the "County Express" (for Worcestershire and Staffordshire) reads:

    "Aliens restriction order in Council". Notices under the above heading, issued by order of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, have been posted this week in all public places announcing “That aliens of German nationality are required to register themselves forthwith. They should apply immediately to the nearest police station for instructions. Penalty (for not registering, etc,) a fine of £100 or imprisonment for six months.” In Amblecote and Worcester there are resident some 20 persons of Austrian nationality employed in the glass industry. In accordance with the notices the majority have already reported themselves to the local police stations for registration. In one case, one Austrian from this district left his country and it is stated that he has been captured in Holland.
    That an attachment/addendum was added to one of the notices (that says "This notice now applies also to AUSTRIAN and to HUNGARIAN SUBJECTS"), would suggest the Clonbrock/Dillon photographer probably didn't capture this when the bills were first posted. But it was still probably relatively early in the war. As the bills were unusual enough to warrant capturing...

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    • 18/Mar/2016 12:00:30

    A copy of the greyer middle notice appears in the Nenagh Guardian on Saturday 15 August 1914. The full transcription reads as below. All very laudible sensible stuff really:

    Irish Agricultural Organisation Society, Limited THE WAR AND FOOD SUPPLIES To the organised farmers of Ireland In this time of grave national peril our farmers will have to bear their full share of the privations which must be borne by all classes in the country. The I.A.O.S. has sent to every society in Ireland a supply of leaflets giving full instructions as to how supplies of human and animal food may best be increased and conserved. These leaflets may be had on application to the manager or secretary of your society. Briefly stated these recommendations are - 1. Not to sell any serviceable breeding stock especially milk cows, heifers, sows, ewes, &c. - 2. To sow immediately quick-growing crops on land from which potatoes and corn crops have been harvested, or upon lea land. These sowings will provide abundant winter fodder. - 3. Not to sell grain, hay or straw to speculators who will merely hold for a rise in price and so intensify distress in the country. - 4. To save from waste anything and everything that may be used as food by man or beast and to exercise the strictest economy in the household and on the farm. - 6. To sell all butter as fast as produced at current market prices, pasteurising all cream from which it is made so as to prevent deterioration in the event of delayed transit, and exercising the greatest care in giving credit to any but known customers. - 6. To hatch all fertile eggs, so as to maintain large stocks of poultry, selling and consuming only those which can be spared. - 7. Above all, to discountenance any attempt to raise prices beyond what is justified by the increased cost of production. The I.A.O.S. will, as far as possible, give instructions to affiliated societies in carrying out these recommendations. Our farmers have co-operated loyally with each other in times of peace ; they are now called upon to co-operate with the whole community while the war lasts in preserving all classes of our population from want. - HORACE PLUNKETT, President - T. A. FINLAY Vice-President - R. A. ANDERSON , Secretary Dublin, 8th August, 1914

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    • 18/Mar/2016 15:24:00

    The one above the Alien's Restriction Order is here. A proclamation on the Defence of the Realm from August 4th 1914. [] Horace Plunkett's diary for 1914 is available at the NLI. (Original).