Sail Wagon, Brooklyn (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1910

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Bain News Service,, publisher.

Sail Wagon, Brooklyn

[between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]

1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

Title from unverified data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or caption cards.
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).


Format: Glass negatives.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

General information about the Bain Collection is available at

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL):

Call Number: LC-B2- 2452-14


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 35480
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  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 14:00:52

    Brilliant vehicle. Thanks for posting it.

  • profile

    knowing angle

    • 11/Apr/2008 14:19:05

    Oh man ... I want one of these!!! =)

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 14:21:40

    I want to ride!!!

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 14:56:14

    ((O . O)) looks fun!

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 15:34:28

    They were quite the fad back then.

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 15:43:08

    Very cool!

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 17:36:00

    thanks for sharing these excellent historical images - they're really neat :D

  • profile


    • 11/Apr/2008 18:02:52

    I want one of those!

  • profile

    Jarl van Hoother

    • 11/Apr/2008 19:22:16

    This is so brilliant, I love the weekend, when LOC uploads. L ooks like they nicked a mast, jib and main off aboat somewhere, and strapped a few 2 x 4's and pram wheels under it! Awesome, so glad to find this!

  • profile

    Eli the Bearded

    • 13/Apr/2008 04:44:18

    Not pram wheels. The fork holding each wheel is clearly from the front of of a bike. I've read about these, but seeing a phot is nice.

  • profile


    • 17/Apr/2008 13:27:06

    This is about 1915. Of course, these devices only worked going downhill and with strong winds. In the winter, you took the wheels off and put pontoons on it and put it on the ice. LOL. Look like older teens rather than children

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    productive side

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    • 28/Mar/2011 12:17:45

    Looks like fun! :)

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    • 26/Aug/2016 03:22:59

    Nataley Shrum. Why not visit any of the help groups or read the Flickr page on Wikipedia? Flickr was a lot better ten years ago. It's way too big now and things change with no respect for serious photographers on here. Flickr used to be a great place to discuss photography, but has now morphed into a source of instant eye candy for younger people who tend to scroll through thousands of images per minute using their smart phones. It used to be if a person got 100 views in a day on an image, that was pretty good. Now, people get a million views for some stupid photograph. All you have to do is put your photo in 200 groups and list 200 tags even if they have nothing to do with your photo. Explore became a joke years ago, but is even more of a joke now. Oh, and, btw, your photos will be stolen by some goofball who will put them on her Pinterest board and you won't be given any credit for having taken it. Yeah, it's why I hate Flickr. I have had over 700 photos that I know of stolen from Flickr. You can check your photos by dropping your image into the Google camera or by using Tineye. Now, my guess is that you won't even read this and I have just wasted my time once again on Flickr.