Schools, Artane, Dublin City, Co. Dublin

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Where: Dublin, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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A fascinating view of the Artane Schools with an early iteration of the iconic band on display. The Musical Director appears to be front and centre and many of the typical band instruments are on display but I don't think those cellos and that double bass will be a success in Croke Park any day soon?

Photographer: Robert French

Collection: Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1865-1914. Before 1908 (clock/pediment)

NLI Ref: L_ROY_01116

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 21522
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    • 18/Oct/2017 07:40:00

    I think there are a couple of early sousaphones there. They were invented in 1893 - earliest date?!

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    • 18/Oct/2017 08:12:26

    This is an interesting photo, photographically-speaking. There is a bit of distortion in the lens and the camera is not level. And, I wonder why the Photographer did not crop the photo to eliminate the periphery? Anyone know what camera, Robert French had used? So, each of your photos are very important, put into historical context, but they are also important considering early photography, cameras, photographc medium and developing technique, and the lenses, of that period.

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    • 18/Oct/2017 08:18:21

    St. Josephs Industrial School, run by the Christian Brothers in Artane, Dublin from 1870 to 1969

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    • 18/Oct/2017 08:19:43

    Now the St David’s CBS

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    • 18/Oct/2017 08:44:58

    In 1993, via building seems to have acquired a central pediment and clock since Mr French's photo. This place does not have a happy history. I hesitate to open the can of worms.

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    Niall McAuley

    • 18/Oct/2017 08:54:17

    2 entries in the DIA, construction from 1871, and wordk from 1908. Clock maybe added in 1908?

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    • 18/Oct/2017 09:09:07

    Mr Harry Lowe was the conductor of the band in 1900 for a visit by Queen Victoria. I wonder if that is him at centre stage.

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    • 18/Oct/2017 09:50:24

    See note at right end of building is this the only female in the photo maybe someone with better eyes would check

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    • 18/Oct/2017 09:51:46

    While this school has a sad history, it always is associated with an amusing incident for me. A group of us were walking to Croke Park in 1974 and not being too familiar with Dublin, a dispute broke out as to which was the best route to take. One of our group had played for his county in his youth and in order to have his opinion vindicated announced “ look, I’ve played in Croke Park”. One of the best and fastest retorts ever heard came back from another member of our group. “God John, I never knew you were in the Artane Boys Band”.

  • profile


    • 18/Oct/2017 10:04:21

    What the heck? Did Charlie Chaplin attend Artane? and what did he do to achieve centre stage?

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    • 18/Oct/2017 10:30:30

    A glowing description of Artane in 1899, including -

    ... One of the largest trades is in mouse-traps, for which there is an extraordinary demand. The music hall is 100ft long by 30ft broad, well lighted, and tastefully arranged. There are four bands, and about 120 boys are taught instrumental music. ...
    See second page at -

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    • 18/Oct/2017 11:31:41

    [] searching some info on the school I was directed to the Child Abuse Commission, it does not make good reading. I think the report should be highlighted in any story about St. Joseph's Industrial School, Artane. See the report here

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    Niall McAuley

    • 18/Oct/2017 11:33:20

    There is a picture here with a drawing of the building in 1904 - no clock.

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 18/Oct/2017 11:53:45

    Ladies and Gentlemen - we need you to apply your considerable Photo Detective Skills on this photo I have just added - Thanking you in advance Mary.