Young girl in Red Cross uniform

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1900

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Format: Glass plate negative.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum

Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection

General information about the Powerhouse Museum Collection is available at

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Acquisition credit line: Gift of Australian Consolidated Press under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, 1985


Owner: Powerhouse Museum Collection
Source: Flickr Commons
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powerhousemuseum dc:identifier=httpwwwpowerhousemuseumcomcollectiondatabaseirn32246 xmlns:dc=httppurlorgdcelements11 redcross uniform apron youngwoman cap portrait nurse gloves armband smock hat bw blackandwhite crocerossina uniforme rotkreuzschwester womensday angel old white cover woman standing service medical commons:event=commonground2009 monasahlin

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    Typos in the Key of E

    • 09/Apr/2008 17:49:39

    Those gloves are so punk rock.

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    • 21/Jul/2008 18:01:00

    what a beautiful image! thank you for sharing.

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    • 29/Jul/2008 07:19:57

    such a brilliant image! i have used this in a design at

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    • 04/Oct/2008 00:29:48

    Why is it labelled "young girl"? She is either an old girl or young woman.

  • profile

    Miss History

    • 17/Oct/2008 03:53:19

    she's stunning!

  • profile

    Pix Ninja

    • 24/Dec/2008 03:20:28

    wow thats a really cool pic!

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    • 25/Dec/2008 04:57:16

    she's an angel.

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    • 04/Jan/2009 08:05:27

    the red cross was an iron cross.......

  • profile

    terrific lake

    • 07/Jan/2009 17:07:08

    best shot

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    • 12/Jan/2009 08:04:44

    @webstriker: "the red cross was an iron cross....... " Well, both crosses are based on the Maltese Cross. Some other nursing Maltese crosses: University of Wisconsin: Johns Hopkins University: St Lukes College of Nursing (Philippines):

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    • 19/Jan/2009 22:42:23

    her outfit is so interesting

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    • 04/Feb/2009 13:25:26

    oh here eyes are so intense. she is such a beautiful woman. i love this image.

  • profile


    • 04/Feb/2009 15:42:15

    This is why soldiers saw them as angels.

  • profile


    • 22/Feb/2009 16:00:33

    A step back into history. Great shot.

  • profile

    Soleil is me.

    • 24/Feb/2009 13:58:25

    An interesting rare image:) We have beautiful million images on flickr but this is the splendid; composition/treatment. Thank you to sharing.

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    • 28/Feb/2009 19:59:23

    you can take care me anytime ,buona fortune a tutti

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    • 04/Mar/2009 09:48:45


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    Kurt Modler

    • 05/Mar/2009 09:14:47

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called La Belle Epoque ca.1890 - ca.1914 incl. ArtDeco and ArtNouveau, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 08/Mar/2009 17:21:03

    wow! this is nice!

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    productive side

    • 15/Mar/2009 17:56:28

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    productive side

    • 15/Mar/2009 17:56:39

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    productive side

    • 15/Mar/2009 17:56:47

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    productive side

    • 15/Mar/2009 17:57:00

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    Fatima Teresa

    • 16/Mar/2009 21:32:28

    hola la foto esta muy bien por el tipo de foto se ve que es muy antigua te felicito por ponerla aqui

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    • 16/Mar/2009 22:32:41

    great image, her face looks almost unreal!

  • profile

    haley kaye

    • 21/Mar/2009 14:55:45

    this shot is so good

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    • 23/Mar/2009 13:38:27

    hm,,so old pic..

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    • 26/Mar/2009 15:15:27

    che tiene nelle mani ? mi sembra che si prepari a strangolare qualcuno ...

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    • 26/Mar/2009 17:46:16


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    • 29/Mar/2009 18:54:13

    wow, I always loved retro....

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    • 30/Mar/2009 20:30:35

    This photo is so... " target="_blank" title="">">"> "F A B U L O U S !"" width="101" height="80" alt="Fab!" /> Please tag this with: "Fabulous!"

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    • 03/Apr/2009 12:09:50 her eyes blue or hazel?

  • profile

    A Time Traveller

    • 09/Apr/2009 21:19:32

    Beautiful photo!

  • profile

    Julka2009...(mostly off)

    • 13/Apr/2009 10:11:52

    This photo is so beautiful !

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    • 16/Apr/2009 12:04:22

    great image, wonderful old qualities

  • profile


    • 19/Apr/2009 17:55:00

    Does anyone know who she was or is she one of the millions of nameless people who did their best without any recognition?

  • profile

    superb bushes

    • 28/Apr/2009 16:30:39

    She lives, now... She is living in our eyes!

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    • 06/May/2009 02:49:31

    A beautiful image...such intense eyes...they look blue...

  • profile

    Schamym de Patrick

    • 08/May/2009 05:48:13

    wow! this is nice!

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    • 14/May/2009 00:48:24

    very good image

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    Hai con người một cái tên [Stony :-* Pucca]

    • 20/May/2009 03:13:13

    What a beautiful girl:)

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    handy agreement

    • 25/May/2009 02:58:11


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    • 27/May/2009 18:57:22

    I like the photo, it is a neat person and it looks old. I could never capture that image.

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    • 30/May/2009 08:23:05

    This picture is stunning. The eyes just pop out at you.

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    • 11/Jun/2009 22:39:59

    what a beautiful photo....her eyes were the first thing i saw! incredible!

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    Ashley Corina Photography

    • 21/Jun/2009 22:57:13

    very cool :

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    Tarun Chopra

    • 01/Jul/2009 08:44:15

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Perfect Composition, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 15/Jul/2009 08:39:19

    she's beautiful. who is she?

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    perfect wealth

    • 21/Jul/2009 10:33:59

    view profile webstriker Pro User says: the red cross was an iron cross....... The Iron cross is still used by the German air force... So its not a political symbol... And its also worn by many Swedish nurses perticulary in the county of Värmland where all nurses receive a medal very similar to an Iron cross... You are actually allowed to wear it on a military parade uniform in a similar manner as the germans wore it, thats kinda strange thou

  • profile

    perfect wealth

    • 21/Jul/2009 10:34:56

    Love how she holds her hands in the picture

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    • 02/Aug/2009 02:46:23

    Love the eyes.

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    • 02/Aug/2009 02:49:19

    stunning photograph!!

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    Mariane Maia

    • 19/Aug/2009 16:18:17

    Parabéns pelo dia mundial da fotografia ! Você também faz parte dessa história. Bela foto. Congratulations by the day world of photography! You also part of this story. Nice photo. Mariane Maia.

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    victorious crowd

    • 04/Sep/2009 18:48:28

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    tasteful pets

    • 11/Sep/2009 16:27:03


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    • 11/Sep/2009 16:58:09

    good pic

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    • 22/Oct/2009 15:06:13

    This is just so beautifull !!!!!!!

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    pennylrichardsca (now at ipernity)

    • 11/Dec/2009 19:46:31

    Made a purse based on this image, when a customer asked for a bag about nursing:[email protected]/4177361614/

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    pennylrichardsca (now at ipernity)

    • 27/Jan/2010 20:04:33

    The above purse was popular! I was asked to make another, in blue:[email protected]/4309185549

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    Surgeon E He

    • 03/Feb/2010 19:30:15

    What a sharp lens!

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    Suman Chatterjee

    • 17/Mar/2010 15:31:54


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    Wild Kindness

    • 09/Dec/2010 02:27:45

    This woman is stunning beyond words.

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    • 16/Dec/2010 07:13:57

    I like the photo<3

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    • 24/Dec/2010 21:16:54

    I am a nurse , this is a wonderful pic the girl is lovely

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    Aline Milk

    • 08/Jan/2011 22:41:27


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    Yousef Malallah

    • 13/Jan/2011 09:59:22

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    Yousef Malallah

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    • 15/Feb/2011 19:48:09

    The cross looks more like a German cross.

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    • 10/Mar/2011 23:32:40

    Fascinating picture- and she wouldn't look out of place in a "Steampunk" modern art photo ;) Seriously, it's a beautiful picture-yet these old pictures seems to have that "ghostly" look about them-I like to look and wonder what she was thinking when it was taken.

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    • 09/Apr/2011 02:18:08


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    • 15/Apr/2011 22:34:34

    Thats what photograpghy is about, living history, yesterday and today. Cool!

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    Tetley T

    • 25/Jun/2011 02:53:50

    Great shot!

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    • 23/Nov/2014 17:23:16

    awesome picture... she is perfect! the power of photography