Mrs. B. Harriman (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1912

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Bain News Service,, publisher.

Mrs. B. Harriman


1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

Title from data provided by the Bain News Service on the negative.
Photo shows Florence Jaffray Hurst "Daisy" Harriman, chairman and founder of the Women's National Wilson and Marshall organization with banner. The New York Times states that Mrs. Harriman was the founder and chairman of the organization which was active at least through the 1912 election. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2009 and 2010)
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).


Format: Glass negatives.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

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Call Number: LC-B2- 2441-13


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
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    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)

    • 28/Mar/2008 16:34:51

    Those were the days to be in the bunting business.

  • profile

    Harry Angstrom

    • 01/Apr/2008 15:43:30

    This lady is supporting the Democratic party ticket of Woodrow Wilson (for President) and Thomas Marshall (for Vice President). Article on the exciting election of 1912:

  • profile

    pennylrichardsca (now at ipernity)

    • 21/Apr/2008 02:34:47

    Must be Florence Jaffray Hurst Harriman (1870-1967), wife of banker J. Borden Harriman (d. 1914). Mrs. Harriman was a major Wilson supporter, first president of the Women's National Wilson and Marshall Organization (named on the banner shown). She also cofounded NYC's Colony Club, served on the US Commission on Industrial Relations, directed the Women's Motor Corps in France during WWI, participated in the Versailles Peace Conference, and was the US Ambassador to Norway (1937-1940). She said, "“I think nobody can deny that I have always had through sheer luck. . . a box seat at the America of my times.”

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    • 30/Apr/2008 14:44:26

    Wilson , Marshal has his Vice President, was elected President in 1912 and re-elected in 1916. He was a supporter of woman's suffrage and played a key role in the passage of the 19th amendment.

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    • 02/May/2008 22:46:24

    Since Woodrow Wilson was a supporter of the woman's right to vote, many women supported his election.

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    • 08/Jun/2008 22:18:11

    NIckname - Daisy Harriman - was in Norway when Nazi's invaded, 1940 - escaped bombing and later returned to rescue Americans there. Noted for bravery due to her actions.

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    • 21/Oct/2008 01:49:31

    From NYT, August 7, 1912, Wednesday [ ] A call sent out yesterday to women all over the country to become politicians and work for clean government marked the formation of a new woman's political body, the Woman's National Wilson and Marshall Organization, with headquarters at Room 1,058. Fifth Avenue Building. Mrs. J. Borden Harriman is the Chairman and founder. ... So this picture must be from between August 6 and November 5 (election day), 1912.

  • profile

    Barbara (LOC P&P)

    • 02/Mar/2009 20:17:34

    Thank you all for the information, which makes the photo seem even richer! We'll add to the source data and reload the description to Flickr.

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    • 19/Mar/2009 21:06:11

    my gosh. the part about how she did all those amazing things but considered herself a person in the stands.

  • profile

    AZ Foto (Ada)

    • 08/Feb/2010 19:08:25

    Beautiful picture and a fantastic piece of history. I made a color version of this picture (a little hobby of mine:-))

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    In Memoriam: Wystan

    • 11/Jun/2010 20:53:45

    Mrs. Harriman is tossing campaign buttons from that box into the crowd -- an action which nearly sparked a riot in her audience, which was mostly male, and avid for souvenirs. Here is an online historical description of what happened, from "The Rise of Political Woman in the Election of 1912," by Jo Freeman (2003): ". . . The WNW&MO organized mass meetings for women throughout New York City. [Daisy] Harriman was often surprised to find that more men than women came to her meetings. At her first mass meeting on August 20th in Union Square, Harriman found herself addressing a crowd of 388 men and boys, but only 12 women. She asked the men to pass on her remarks to their wives, overlooking the fact that New York women were being appealed to solely so they could influence their husbands’ votes. All went smoothly until Harriman and her band pulled out campaign buttons and started to toss them to the crowd. In the men’s rush to grab the trinkets, the rally almost became a riot, and the police had to be called in. (New York Post, 8/20/12 [12], New York World, New York Herald, 8/21/12 [14], New York Globe, 8/21/12 [16]). This got more press coverage than anything the women had to say."

  • profile

    In Memoriam: Wystan

    • 03/Sep/2010 04:18:51

    A Bain/LOC photo shows some of the boys in the crowd, eager to catch the campaign buttons that Mrs. Harriman is tossing at them:

  • profile

    In Memoriam: Wystan

    • 03/Sep/2010 17:48:26

    Mrs. Vibbirt addresses the political rally in Union Square, New York, sponsored by the Woman's National Wilson and Marshall Organization (August 20, 1912):

  • profile

    Richard Arthur Norton (1958- )

    • 03/Nov/2010 03:46:53

  • profile

    In Memoriam: Wystan

    • 06/Nov/2010 02:08:04

    A formal Bain/LOC portrait of Mrs. Harriman:

  • profile

    In Memoriam: Wystan

    • 24/Jul/2011 20:25:19

    More Bain photos of Daisy Harriman, from the August, 1914, photostream:

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    ✨🌟★❤✯♥♡✨ Very beautiful ✨♡♥✯❤★🌟✨

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    le cabri

    • 25/Mar/2021 23:01:52

    Well done