[Grand Grocery Co.], Lincoln, Neb. (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1942

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Vachon, John,, 1914-1975,, photographer.

[Grand Grocery Co.], Lincoln, Neb.


1 slide : color.

Date based on LC-USF35-266.
Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Formerly identified as Gilead, Ohio.
Photograph shows Rice Krispies cereal boxes in window below oranges; Better Loaf flour sacks at left next to sign for: New & large potatoes, 6lb. 23, apples, delicious, 4lb. 25.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.

Grocery stores
United States--Nebraska--Lincoln

Format: Slides--Color

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print

Part Of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection 11671-28 (DLC) 93845501

General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.fsac

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL): hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/fsac.1a34273

Call Number: LC-USF35-268


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 291901
libraryofcongress dc:identifier=httphdllocgovlocpnpfsac1a34273 xmlns:dc=httppurlorgdcelements11 lincoln nebraska 1942 shop oranges grapefruit potatoes ricekrispies beechnut grand grocery copenhagen fruit vegetable store window newpotatoes orange potato apple delicious sign text advertising vintage grocer produce market citrus lincolnnebraska grocerystore typography modelsmokingtobacco unionleader 7up itlikesyou tobacco chew chaw product packaging grandgroceryco betterloaf flour design marketing display signage historical history fsa farmsecurityadministration collection johnvachon qualitymeats storefront pepsicola price 1940s lettering signpainting handpaintedsign retail 5cents fivecents 1cent onecent groceries domestic sustenance greengrocer epicerie

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    • 17/Jan/2008 00:15:17

    What a deal!

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    • 17/Jan/2008 01:21:56

    Not sure about anyone else, but I am really thankful to see these kinds of photos online. I could browse them all day if I let myself.

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    partly cloudy

    • 17/Jan/2008 01:23:52

    This, or a very very similar image appeared on Shorpy.com recently: www.shorpy.com/node/1810 Is LOC affiliated with Shorpy in any way?

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    JJ San

    • 17/Jan/2008 01:37:22

    What a wonderful archive!

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    • 17/Jan/2008 02:28:32

    GREAT!!! I think this is worth joining. Thanks.

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    John Munsch

    • 17/Jan/2008 02:46:24

    This is fantastic, but I'd be really appreciative if you could upload the highest possible resolution you can for images like this. I would like it as a desktop, but on a modern Mac that's 1920 x 1080.

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    • 17/Jan/2008 03:06:28

    Follow the persistent URL at the bottom of the description to find the full resolution scan...

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    • 17/Jan/2008 03:24:33

    Wow. I agree that this could become addictive. I hope it's as useful for researchers as it is for casual browsers. The technical quality of these photos is outstanding.

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    dazzling teeth

    • 17/Jan/2008 03:51:22

    Oranges for a penny huh? the good ole days...

  • profile

    Chris and Jenni

    • 17/Jan/2008 06:34:19

    according to www.minneapolisfed.org/research/data/us/calc/ the prices adjusted for inflation would be 25 cents in 1942 is equal to $3.16 in 2007 1 cent is equal to 13 cents

  • profile

    Suzen JueL - Resistance♥

    • 17/Jan/2008 13:07:24

    these are amazing....reading all the comments, feeling like i've stepped back in time....

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    • 17/Jan/2008 16:22:52

    Absolutely wonderful. These photos are a national treasure and placing them on line is tremendous.

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    le maejik

    • 18/Jan/2008 03:50:02

    these pictures make the past seem real, not just a chapter in a text book

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    • 18/Jan/2008 13:57:40

    Wow!!! Fantastic collection!!!!

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    Ollie girl

    • 18/Jan/2008 22:32:58

    I could cry! This is an amazing project! Thanks for sharing!

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    Miss April NYC

    • 19/Jan/2008 00:36:45

    oh, the typography!

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    • 19/Jan/2008 03:05:36

    It seems that this photographer assigned several photos mistakedly to Gilead, OH http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/2179171338/

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    • 19/Jan/2008 09:49:26

    Simply Superb

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    • 19/Jan/2008 15:22:29

    The oranges in the center of the pile look brownish. No wonder they were only a penny.

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    • 19/Jan/2008 15:34:43

    My father earned his living painting signs on store windows. Mostly later on long sheets of butcher paper. Safeway, Piggly Wiggly, Save a Nickel and later King's Super were some of his clients in Denver in the 40's and even into the early 50's. As a youth in the 40's these scenes are wrenching as I'd go with my dad and he'd try to convince the grocery owner of markets like these that better signs would mean better business. Both the owner and my dad so close to poverty and trying to make a better living would try to compromise to help us all to live.

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    brave record

    • 19/Jan/2008 15:44:52

    Awesome photo!

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    • 19/Jan/2008 17:21:36

    stunning collection

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    historical umbrella

    • 21/Jan/2008 02:46:26

    Wow, these images are priceless!!!

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    • 21/Jan/2008 17:40:06

    It's kinda funny how the shop owner emphasizes "new" potatoes on the sign in front of the store and on the window. What's that supposed to mean? Hopefully they weren't selling "used" potatoes !!!

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    green plastic

    • 21/Jan/2008 17:45:40

    boy....have times changed!

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    • 21/Jan/2008 20:27:04

    the rich colors are beautiful here... i love the repetition of the products....

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    Rob Scumaci

    • 22/Jan/2008 00:51:54

    Great shot. The note about the size of the flour is indeed interesting.

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    Paula Wirth

    • 22/Jan/2008 19:14:03

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Feelin' 7-Up! [VINTAGE], and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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    dependent aftermath

    • 22/Jan/2008 20:11:14

    New potatoes are simply young potatoes. The "new" implies new to this growing season and not stored from last fall. They are usually harvested in spring / early summer prior to full maturity and are small and thin skinned. During this time period, when affordable produce was local (6lbs of Ohio potatoes, or 5 Florida grapefruits = the same price) the "new potato" was one of the few local early ripening foods available in the spring, and very much in demand.

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    Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni

    • 23/Jan/2008 02:10:57

    wonderful i collect the old fsa etc photos

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    Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni

    • 23/Jan/2008 19:00:53

    www.ochef.com/1014.htm www.ochef.com/1014.htm for the tater nuts above

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    stupendous beginner

    • 24/Jan/2008 04:37:11

    What a fantastic image - so happy to have the LOC images on Flickr!

  • profile

    ~Terrie K ~

    • 26/Jan/2008 10:31:42

    This is before I was born but I remember penny candy and seeing signs like those when I was a child! This is another favorite of mine. Thanks so much Library of Congress for posting these. -- Seen in your 1930s-40s in Color set. (?)

  • profile

    zesty watch

    • 26/Jan/2008 14:25:10

    I really value the photos as great memories, and as things we shoule be careful too, flour, fruits, water ...

  • profile

    quizzical twist

    • 26/Jan/2008 23:34:27

    this is great - looks like it was taken yesterday. -- Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • profile

    The Library of Congress

    • 28/Jan/2008 17:12:41

    partly cloudy: Regarding your question about Shorpy.com - no affiliation. The Library of Congress makes these images freely available to everyone and does not control their subsequent use.

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    Fernando Delfini

    • 29/Jan/2008 17:30:55

    Very great pictures, amazing project !!!

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    • 31/Jan/2008 04:32:09

    Lincolnites: We have a 1938 Lincoln phone book that places The Grand Grocery Co. at 1000 "P" Street ---the phone number is B-2914, if you want to call in your order. The photo is so vivid, it almost makes it seem possible. Lincoln as my parents saw it...wonderful picture!

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    Jonathan Stiles

    • 31/Jan/2008 13:17:05


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    • 01/Feb/2008 01:05:29

    I t is good to see this image as I really admire the work of John Vachon. I'm delighted by this Library of Congress initiative. They should be congratulated by all photographers for archiving and then publishing the history of America's visual culture.

  • profile

    Jean Knowles

    • 01/Feb/2008 02:44:05

    A note on new potatoes: as jsdellinger says above, they're from the new harvest and not out of storage. The properties of the starch in the potatoes will actually change during storage so new potatoes with their thin, delicate skins are best for boiling, old potatoes are best for baking. When you've been eating the potatoes from last year's harvest, the first harvest of new ones is a real treat!

  • profile

    Jonathan Stiles

    • 01/Feb/2008 20:42:26

    There's new potatoes and old potatoes, and then there's old new potatoes and new new potatoes . . . .

  • profile

    caring wool

    • 04/Feb/2008 18:30:11

    I just downloaded the pic and the seeds are flower seeds for 5 cents per packet... interesting.

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    fierce tooth

    • 05/Feb/2008 14:15:56

    great shot.

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    • 12/Feb/2008 15:47:44

    Follow-up to oloranch's comment - this is where the downtown Lincoln YMCA is now.

  • profile

    Laura Mae Noble

    • 17/Feb/2008 15:14:05

    Think about this: those citrus fruits must have had to be shipped for hundreds of miles to get to that market. That was, and still is, no small feat. It supplied people with delicious, nutritious fruit, but now we take it for granted that oranges will be available, whether we're in California or Michigan(and It's taking a toll). It's nice to appreciate what energy has to be spent to get us those simple "necessities". Potatoes could have been grown locally, but that citrus, man, it's a world-traveler.

  • profile


    • 20/Feb/2008 05:38:58

    pejorg2000, I believe that even-numbered addresses are on the north side of the street. If they were back in Grand Grocery's day then I'm thinking the store would have either been located where the Embassy Suites or on the southeast corner of the block which is occupied by the Journal Star. I could very easily be wrong though.

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    • 03/Mar/2008 04:25:37

    Regarding roderickbodine's observation that the oranges in the center of the pile looked brown- It looks to me that those particular oranges are not brown, but are wrapped in tissue paper. For those not old enough to remember, it was for many decades the custom of fruit packers to wrap fruits individually in sheets of colored tissue paper. Sometimes the tissue was blank, but most often it contained the brand name of the fruit packer. (Here's a web page about fruit wrappers.) The practice on wrapping individual pieces of fruit faded away in the U.S. in the 1950s, but I gather that it is still done in some countries that have lower labor costs. Today, of course, fruits in American markets are branded by those little stickers that are so hard to peel off. I preferred the tissue, but it was undoubtedly more wasteful of resources.

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    • 14/Apr/2008 19:59:24

    my grandfather chewed Copenhagen

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    burly sound

    • 15/Apr/2008 07:39:13

    I wish I could get five oranges for the same price as 8 oz. of Pepsi. And people say it's not more expensive to eat healthy.

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    Great shot

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    parched face

    • 27/Oct/2008 07:31:41

    great, i love all this set.

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    • 05/Nov/2008 16:01:29

    I remember !!!! those were the days when things were 1 penny or 5 cents or even 25 cent !!!!do you remember

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    terrific lake

    • 12/Nov/2008 13:36:47

    best shot

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    • 16/Nov/2008 03:58:04

    This archive is a wonderful treat! Ahh if only life were that simple again

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    wonderfulllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 29/Nov/2008 14:23:31

    it reminds me of The Doors' "Morrison hotel" album cover

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    Maureen Bond

    • 24/Dec/2008 01:04:04

    these shots can make many of us go wild when we find them, that is when we find. Thanks for sharing. just great!

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    Amazing shot!!!

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    That's nice pic!

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    Waaaaaaaaaaaw Amazing i Love it =)

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    • 12/Mar/2009 23:08:29

    This is great! Prices look wonderful, but fit with what the wages were then.

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    hummmmmmmmmmmm very nice pic j am very eat this

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    Amazing shots... Love it

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    this is a fantastic image, love the past, I'd go back versus ahead.... -- Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

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    Zoom Lens

    • 25/Jul/2009 12:07:09

    This is a great photograph for many reasons, but for me it speaks to the fact that we should recognize that one of our primary goals as photographers is to memorialize people, places, and things because as time marches on and these people, places, and things cease to exist ours is the only record extant. Think about that the next time you snap your shutter. What a privilege to be a photographer!

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    this is soo sweet and old!

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    I would eat aaaaaaaall haha. Greetings, love old photos. Look at this http://www.flickr.com/photos/1994california/4023124906/

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    this is fantastic. i love looking at all these old photos.

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    Beautiful colors, I wish current day film could reproduce images like this.

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    GREAT!!! I think this is worth joining.

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    Incredible shots! I loved the colours!

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    • 20/Sep/2011 14:32:00

    goes to show you how much the government is lying/uninformed in their inflation data. By the U.S. Gov't calculation, oranges would only cost about $0.16 in 2011 dollars. The only pres candidate that gets this (and has been preaching it for decades) is Ron Paul.

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    last page

    • 26/Oct/2011 12:44:07

    Great Photo of the Past. Reminds me of Otto Anderson's Candy store , only instead of Fruit in the Window he had CANDY !! Great Color.

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    • 03/Jan/2012 01:59:47

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/pejorg2000 I don't think that's where the YMCA is now. The YMCA is on the odd numbered side of the block. If the grocery store's address was 1000 P Street, it was across from the YMCA where the Embassy Suites now takes up the entire block. The YMCA is an old building, and may have even co-existed with this grocery store. The grocery was probably at the northwest corner of 10th and "P," across from the bus station and diagonal from the old courthouse.

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