Crane operator at TVA's Douglas Dam, Tennessee (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1939

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Palmer, Alfred T.,, photographer.

Crane operator at TVA's Douglas Dam, Tennessee

1942 June

1 transparency : color.

Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.

Tennessee Valley Authority
World War, 1939-1945
Construction industry
Hoisting machinery
United States--Tennessee

Format: Transparencies--Color

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Part Of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection 12002-36 (DLC) 93845501

General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL):

Call Number: LC-USW36-316


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 129663
libraryofcongress dc:identifier=httphdllocgovlocpnpfsac1a35239 xmlns:dc=httppurlorgdcelements11 1942 june tenessee man crane tva palmer douglasdam operator worker industry industrial alfredtpalmer workingclass labor dirty work labour tennessee portrait machine levers craneoperator tennesseevalleyauthority usofficeofwarinformation 1940s vintage slidefilm 4x5 largeformat lf transparency transparencies worldwarii worldwar2 ww2 wwii america unitedstatesofamerica usa us publicworks focussed takenbyalfredtpalmer seviercounty fsa contrast spotlight dark sky color cap gloves beard eyes gentleman hat caucasian face

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  • profile

    tidy stop

    • 16/Jan/2008 21:33:04

    This is a work of art... The color and clarity are amazing.

  • profile

    monkeytime | brachiator

    • 17/Jan/2008 03:24:30

    The light is phenomenal.

  • profile


    • 17/Jan/2008 14:21:11

    such amazing light. i hope this is an inspiration to today's photographers . . . there's a quality of transparency film that just can't be rivaled with digital.

  • profile


    • 17/Jan/2008 16:24:47

    incredible detail. I really love the lighting on the face. This is really impressive.

  • profile

    Jay F

    • 17/Jan/2008 22:05:32

    Artistic work from the pre-digital, pre-photoshop era. Wonderful.

  • profile


    • 17/Jan/2008 23:20:31

    Simply stunning.

  • profile


    • 18/Jan/2008 04:34:13

    light is so good, i wish the composition was too

  • profile

    edoardo pasero

    • 18/Jan/2008 09:41:50


  • profile


    • 18/Jan/2008 18:05:32

    fantastic portrait. imagine working in those conditions with something as bulky as a speed graphic or similar. conveys the emotion the photographer felt, provided situational keys, concentrates the viewer on the subject. stunning.

  • profile


    • 19/Jan/2008 07:01:32

    Does anyone else feel as if they are in the cab watching this guy work? I just want to be able to turn round and see what he is looking at. The quality of this photograph is superb, it's hard to believe that it is over 60 years old!

  • profile

    Maggie Osterberg

    • 21/Jan/2008 15:45:12

    What a stunning photograph.

  • profile

    Rob Scumaci

    • 22/Jan/2008 00:56:23

    Stunning shot. Well lit. Great stuff Mr. Palmer, if you are still alive.

  • profile

    The Inertial Gallery

    • 24/Jan/2008 15:44:57

    Excellent image. Amazing

  • profile

    Dismayed & Perplexed

    • 24/Jan/2008 16:39:47


  • profile

    fine form

    • 24/Jan/2008 18:03:50

    This shot is so well done that it looks artificial, almost as if from the set of a play. Wow.

  • profile

    Carl's Photography

    • 24/Jan/2008 21:03:54

    Strobist Info: Sun @ Manual 1/1 Camera left. Camera exposed for ambient sky. :-)

  • profile


    • 25/Jan/2008 02:05:30

    Simply amazing, the light and exposure here. Like you're right inside the cab with him.

  • profile


    • 25/Jan/2008 04:29:12

    im amazed by the quality of these images from the 1940's...

  • profile

    Craig Jewell Photography

    • 26/Jan/2008 08:25:08

    This photo is stunning. The Lighting is phenomenal -- Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • profile

    david goodis

    • 28/Jan/2008 03:00:04

    mrdustin : it sure is artificial, I mean you have to imagine the strobe light, the heavy large format camera on its tripod, and I am pretty sure the worker (actor?) had to hold his breath for while. Still a beautiful shot, reminds me norman rockwell and pinups and abov all it is amazing to see such a color picture from this time and in a such good condition.

  • profile

    Renata Diem

    • 30/Jan/2008 15:56:16

    Great photos here!

  • profile


    • 30/Jan/2008 20:16:39

    @ david goodis - strobe light? I think you'll find this picture pre-dates strobes by a good number of years, or decades even. it's more likely some combination of reflector, flashbulb, possibly a hot light, and external (possibly artificial) light.

  • profile

    david goodis

    • 31/Jan/2008 03:37:40

    Neukoln : you name it :-)

  • profile


    • 01/Feb/2008 04:50:02

    how come the resolution is so low?

  • profile

    Mark Wheadon

    • 01/Feb/2008 12:27:02

    Very cinematic - wonderful!

  • profile

    gabby bushes

    • 01/Feb/2008 12:53:49

    Like a still from a David Lynch film.

  • profile


    • 10/Feb/2008 05:31:30

    "how come the resolution is so low?" So some dweeb doesn't poach it and try to resell as their own work on iStock.

  • profile

    last crate

    • 12/Feb/2008 17:16:01

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Mal's Best of the Best, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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    • 02/Mar/2008 06:19:56

    My god this picture is just extraordinary. Alfred Palmer is a true artist. I'm going to go look for more of his work right now!

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    • 17/Mar/2008 14:06:54

    Beautiful lighting here...lovely

  • profile

    Lvx Lvcis

    • 09/May/2008 11:44:47

    one of the most impressive early-color works I've seen.

  • profile

    foregoing food

    • 17/Sep/2008 20:09:59

    Brilliant shot... like a dark Norman Rockwell

  • profile

    efgee-pictures photography

    • 17/Oct/2008 08:05:08

    WTF, beautiful

  • profile

    marco zeppetella

    • 20/Oct/2008 09:53:30

    wonderful shot!

  • profile

    Rhys Jones Photography

    • 24/Oct/2008 21:21:21

    This is absolutely outstanding. Whoever developed this was very knowledgeable.

  • profile


    • 26/Oct/2008 22:41:27

    Interesting point of view. The angle of the camera is quiet amazing. might not be easy to get that shot from so deep.

  • profile


    • 01/Nov/2008 12:13:05

    very expressive light there!

  • profile

    furtive example

    • 02/Nov/2008 12:28:47

    Fantastic composition - Great light - Nicely exposed.

  • profile

    terrific lake

    • 12/Nov/2008 07:09:36

    Bad lighting from his background and bottom part of his legs

  • profile

    craven rake

    • 17/Nov/2008 09:51:25

    What an amazing photo

  • profile


    • 19/Nov/2008 23:27:56

    wonderfulllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 21/Nov/2008 16:24:34

    love it

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    • 24/Nov/2008 12:56:30

    Beautiful work...

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    • 24/Nov/2008 12:56:50

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called FREE EARTH - FREE PEOPLES ©, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 06/Dec/2008 23:54:59


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    • 10/Dec/2008 06:26:01

    I love the feeling of this photo.

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    Elisabeth de Ru

    • 13/Dec/2008 22:31:14

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Black and white in full color ;-), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    The Library of Congress

    • 16/Dec/2008 15:34:07

    Elisabeth85: We received your request to have a Library of Congress photo added to your group: Black and white in full color. Please click on the "Invite this photo to..." link below the comment box and we'll accept it.

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    • 05/Jan/2009 06:35:02


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    • 13/Jan/2009 04:38:06

    This is a wonderful portrait. Is there a larger version available? Thanks

  • profile

    well-groomed division

    • 17/Jan/2009 00:51:26

    stunning, awe inspiring. i can not believe this is 1942. the quality and detail is incredible. the photographer made perfect use of lighting and framed the shot very well. whomever scanned this and processed it did a wonderful job as well.

  • profile

    Dismayed & Perplexed

    • 17/Jan/2009 17:55:40

    I wish Kodachrome were still available in medium and large format.

  • profile


    • 26/Jan/2009 02:50:57

    Great Shot! I looked through your photostream and you have some great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  • profile

    John F. O'Brien

    • 26/Jan/2009 12:24:55

    the notes on the picture really ruin the visiual impact of this picture. Way to go, guys.

  • profile

    little linus

    • 20/Feb/2009 20:37:32


  • profile

    William Dohman

    • 20/Feb/2009 21:01:36

    wonderful lighting

  • profile

    relieved boat

    • 20/Feb/2009 21:14:14

    Nice! :)

  • profile


    • 09/Mar/2009 02:26:56

    Great capture!

  • profile

    René Bang

    • 13/Mar/2009 13:25:40

    What a great piece from way back when...

  • profile

    C O - H E R E D E R O

    • 16/Mar/2009 16:45:47

    wow... amazing! :D

  • profile

    tony dahlgren

    • 23/Mar/2009 18:22:02

    the light and the colors are amazing! absolute favorite!

  • profile

    tacit rabbits

    • 27/Mar/2009 11:24:50


  • profile

    [ Noktor-Matic ]

    • 27/Mar/2009 13:22:25

    all the " this is amazing because its pre photoshop" comments are just hilarious! haha, real professionals minimalize the use of photoshop but yeah this is just amazing, when it comes to pure quality you can't beat 5x4 sheet film unless ofcouse you're using 8x10" sheets or anything bigger! hahah nothing gets better than large format

  • profile


    • 05/Apr/2009 00:38:18

    wow amazing quality heres a link to a great collection o A. Palmer pics

  • profile


    • 09/Apr/2009 14:44:38

    A 60 year old masterpiece. I'm speechless. This is back in the day where they made works of art while shooting with nothing but a box and a light put here and there. We should be so much better by now.... we just have the technological advantage.

  • profile


    • 12/Apr/2009 11:32:34

    very good photo!

  • profile

    Commonly Used

    • 14/Apr/2009 21:20:40

    Great light! Fantastically gritty mood to this shot

  • profile

    Sanjeev Syal

    • 18/Apr/2009 03:10:05

    good shot..!!

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    • 27/Apr/2009 15:16:25


  • profile

    Rune Luk

    • 27/Apr/2009 15:18:56

    " A 60 year old masterpiece. I'm speechless. This is back in the day where they made works of out while shooting with nothing but a box and a light put here and there. We should be so much better by now.... we just have the technological advantage. " People tend to spend their time making abominations in photoshop or other software, adding horrible HDR or other travesties to pictures that should never have made it into the camera in the first place.

  • profile


    • 27/Apr/2009 15:24:13

    ~Hairsoplenty: Sp true, it's all about learning "to see"; many photographers (even vets) haven't realized that yet. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

  • profile


    • 28/Apr/2009 05:53:36

    Interesting depiction of mood.

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    • 06/May/2009 23:07:15

    Fantastic pic

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    • 10/May/2009 15:01:33

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    • 14/May/2009 10:18:31

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    axiomatic growth

    • 14/May/2009 18:53:10

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    Del Rosario

    • 14/May/2009 19:42:18

    Seen this Beautiful Snap in Perfect Click

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    marked baseball

    • 17/May/2009 14:02:59

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nation Of Domination. (We Rule The Universe), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    detailed shirt

    • 19/May/2009 01:57:54

    The guy would probably be ashamed to be on flickr with all those stupid comments if he would still be alive. WOW A PHOTO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY CONTEXT!!!!!!!

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    • 23/May/2009 15:20:39

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    • 02/Jun/2009 20:50:05

    A picture of a real person in a real situation - the very essence of documentary photography. And to boot, beautifully executed as well with the light on the man's face.

  • profile

    mor gnar...

    • 07/Jun/2009 05:45:40

    absolutely amazing, nice colors, awesome clarity, overall interesting picture!

  • profile

    أحمد الخاطر

    • 07/Jun/2009 10:15:22


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    • 09/Jun/2009 05:49:25

    amazing photo!

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    AgoInUnPagliaio_NeedleInAhaystack OFF

    • 16/Jun/2009 12:14:33

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called VVoVV, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 20/Jun/2009 10:22:11

    perfect! great job

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    Yeo Hui Li

    • 20/Jun/2009 10:46:06

    great picture~!

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    • 29/Jun/2009 11:44:38


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    • 07/Jul/2009 01:40:56

    strobist? ;)

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    outrageous straw

    • 11/Jul/2009 02:49:03

    this is great shot!..:) Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ShutterXP, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    State of the Flaw

    • 20/Jul/2009 12:21:59

    The Man in the Planet from Eraserhead, Certainly very reminisent of David Lynch

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    • 24/Jul/2009 02:27:15


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    • 03/Aug/2009 13:58:43

    superb! Completely breathless!

  • profile

    Angelo Siciliano

    • 16/Aug/2009 14:59:42

    Bellissima!!! Angelo Siciliano - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

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    • 19/Aug/2009 21:42:06

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    • 05/Sep/2009 17:32:20

    I love this picture, seems an antique shot, sort of dark, but love the light on his face and the blue sky, is makes an excellent contrast with the darknes inside the vehicle. I wondered how this photo was captures since it shows the persons almost full body, if taken from the outside you sould have seen a door, unless the door was open and the guy is a great model/actor or it had no door and he was actually working on what it seems to me a caterpillar by the dirt on the front window and the overall look of the vehicle... Anyhow I'm "rambling-monking" (as off Monk's ramblings") here... LOL! Love the photo!!!

  • profile

    Martha Washington

    • 14/Sep/2009 22:43:11

    Amazing ... it has the same quality as a photo-realistic paint. Beautiful!

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    • 21/Sep/2009 18:25:00

    Great light and composition!

  • profile


    • 08/Oct/2009 12:53:40

    life is kind of art if you try to taste it.

  • profile


    • 16/Oct/2009 03:39:28

    fabulous. The detail and clarity, as mentioned by others, seen in these photos is incredible. Like being a time traveler.

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    pendulumWaves & cyclicalStructures

    • 21/Oct/2009 19:51:47

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Groove Art, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    judicious instrument

    • 21/Nov/2009 14:51:37

    Great contrast, lighting, and clear sharp capture.

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    illegal paparazzi

    • 14/Dec/2009 07:13:28

    Amazing and fabulous gallery, x-treme nice pix, thank you sharing - V³ Greetings from Roeselare, Belgium :)

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    • 17/Dec/2009 08:12:57


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    Milena Mariane

    • 05/Jan/2010 19:14:38

    very nice...

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    Ricardo Inada

    • 08/Jan/2010 16:44:37

    nice light capture !!

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    • 23/Jan/2010 10:25:48

    Marvellous lighting.

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    Trysk 

    • 03/Feb/2010 18:15:05

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    wandering fall

    • 15/Feb/2010 19:51:02


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    Eric Wu Nan

    • 24/Mar/2010 16:06:04

    1942? Amazing.

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    • 26/Apr/2010 20:53:32

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    • 11/May/2010 14:14:09

    great light.

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    assorted pail

    • 22/Jul/2010 11:37:51

    oooh thats so cheeky

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    • 26/Jul/2010 21:04:36

    Very Beautiful Capture

  • profile

    Brandon P..

    • 27/Jul/2010 21:45:07

    That is some fantastic film.

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    • 05/Aug/2010 22:07:19

    saludos man

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    sandy 999

    • 12/Aug/2010 08:51:11

    perfect clarity and some beautiful colors...........

  • profile

    Rodrigo Sebastian Garcia

    • 14/Aug/2010 03:19:01

    really cool pic ! the time machine :)