F-111 Convair photo

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PictionID:42611459 - Title:F-111 Convair photo - Catalog:16_003137 - Filename:16_003137.TIF - ---Image from the Ray Wagner Collection. Ray Wagner was Archivist at the San Diego Air and Space Museum for several years and is an author of several books on aviation --- ---Please Tag these images so that the information can be permanently stored with the digital file.---Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum


Owner: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 28/May/2015 14:45:15

    GD (Convair / Grumman) F-111A Aardvark 63-9766 (1st production a/c) of the USAF w/ wings extended ca. '64 (preserved at the AFFTC Museum Airpark @ Edwards AFB).