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Identifier: missionaryvisito18gene
Title: Missionary Visitor, The (1916)
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Authors: General Mission Board of the Church of the Brethren
Subjects: Church of the Brethren Priodicals Church of the Brethren- Missions
Publisher: Elgin, Ill.: Brethren Publishing House
Contributing Library: Bridgewater College, Alexander Mack Memorial Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation

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ple blasphemy. God, the Creator, has all power, leav-ing to the creature no individual powerof his own. This belief is carried to itslogical conclusion, that whatever thecreature does is by the will of God,whether it be good or evil. God is re-sponsible for the bad in the world aswell as the good and even determines byHis own sovereign will who shall beadmitted to the gardens of heaven, andwho shall be sent to perdition withoutregard to the acts or will of man.Prayer is a duty, not a privilege; it ishomage due by slaves to their Lord,rather than a means of heartfelt spir-itual communion with God. The revela-tion of the Lord Jesus Christ that Godis love and that He is our Father is un-thinkable to the Moslem. He believeshis own idea of God a perfect one andresents the doctrine of the Christian. God seeks intercessors. God has need of intercessors. God wonders at thelack of intercessors. Rest not till God sees that you are one. January1916 The Missionary Visitor THE LITTLE MISSIONARY 33

Text Appearing After Image:
Sister Arnolds S. S. Class, Anklesvar. THE DIFFERENCE Mrs. S. Ira Arnold. THE above picture is of BarbarasSunday-school class. She is notso old as the rest but she goesevery Sunday, or rather the classcomes and recites on her veranda, be-cause her mama is the teacher. Shelikes to have these little boys and girlscome to play with her. Notice the twotots standing behind. They are Jetie(meaning victory) and Ruth. Jetie isa little orphan girl who lives in theWidows Home. Her mama died whenshe was a tiny baby, so the widows takecare of her. She is a happy and lovinglittle girl. Ruths papa is dead, so sheand her mama both live in the Home.The little girl sitting on the left-handside in the front row is Ruths sister,Grace. Paul, the little boy to the rightin the front row, is our washermanschild. He comes to see us quite oftenwhen his papa and mama come over towork. The little folks in the back row are Naioma, Shantie (meaning peace),Ruth, Simeon, and Daniel Stover.Those in the front row are

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