Arline Wilma Preston

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Where: Unknown

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When: 25 May 2004

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Married Clark Wallace Bishop, 1928

Image number: P18878


Owner: nha.library
Source: Flickr Commons
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nantucket weddings brides arlinewilmapreston woman bride flowers staircase veil siasconset marriage stairs dress blackwhite wedding 1928 whitedress commons:event=commonground2009 clarkwallacebishop

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    • 13/Mar/2009 02:58:44

    I am quite curious about the four generations of women who have worn this dress. Are they members of a prominent Nantucket family? Would love some to hear some back story.

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    • 13/Mar/2009 03:56:48

    Beautiful. Reminds me of my grandfather's mother.

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    • 13/Mar/2009 07:33:28

    how awesome

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    • 13/Mar/2009 10:04:43

    Amazing. The lighting of the dress make it almost ghost like.

  • profile

    Pieter Pieterse

    • 13/Mar/2009 10:36:04

    Just shows you once again... You don't need a fancy camera to light well. This would have been a VERY primitive camera by today's standards.

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    • 13/Mar/2009 15:20:44

    Wow ... this is gorgeous.

  • profile

    aloveletteraway ♥

    • 13/Mar/2009 23:48:09

    Such a gorgeous portrait. I'm with Zuzu*Petals, I would love to hear the history of this wedding dress, seeing that I saw five different brides wearing it in the Nantucket Brides set!

  • profile


    • 14/Mar/2009 01:40:36

    absolutely gorgious, i'm bubbling here, it is proof the ''modern'' things are junk, comapared to the past glory of everything held precious, ty vm for the stunning picture, i lived on nantucket in 1965-66. lilli

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    das auge ! off

    • 14/Mar/2009 07:30:15

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Wir haben`s schwarz auf weiss ONLY THE BEST IN B&W ♥ ♥ ♥, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 14/Mar/2009 10:44:04


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    Pixel Wrangler

    • 14/Mar/2009 22:11:15

    I, too, would love to know "the rest of the story" of the other brides who wore this gown – albeit I did read that "Before the dress was given to the NHA in 1987, it was altered and worn by four other young women in the family." A newspaper(2) account of the dress:

    " 'Sconset was the scene of a pretty wedding last Saturday morning at 'The Hedges', the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Horace G. Preston. Miss Preston's dress of "ivory satin and chiffon, trimmed with rose point lace" was custom-made at Bonwit Teller and the veil was brought from Italy."
    It was interesting to learn that white wedding gowns were not the standard until the late nineteenth century.

  • profile


    • 14/Mar/2009 22:41:16

    A fabulous veil, and the bouquet is fab

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    • 15/Mar/2009 01:02:20

    How could you find a picture of this! Your heaven sent

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    Soleil is me.

    • 15/Mar/2009 02:46:41

    An interesting image:) Your photo is gorgeous and inspire art worked among a million on flickr. Such a great artistic eyes to captured/treatment.

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    • 15/Mar/2009 15:10:00

    Brilliant shot. What an amazing photo

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    Jun Acullador

    • 16/Mar/2009 04:41:43

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called "History & Antiquities (Unlimited Posting - Award 3)", and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    Daniel Bouwers

    • 16/Mar/2009 07:37:28

    Such striking beauty.

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    Herbert West

    • 16/Mar/2009 14:19:33

    I like this image and i've tried a restore. I hope you enjoi it. Restore of Arline Wilma Preston

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    • 20/Mar/2009 23:54:36

    wow, i love this picture. beautiful

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    • 31/Mar/2009 05:11:50

    This picture is almost ghostly. Her dress is so amazing. What a beautiful picture

  • profile


    • 03/Apr/2009 17:19:50

    This is my husband's Grandmother. I guess his cousin wore this dress at her wedding.

  • profile

    Pixel Wrangler

    • 03/Apr/2009 18:02:09

    @ sewcrazzd – That's terrific! What can you, or he, tell us about her life? Or the many other family members who wore this gown?

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    Dominique Sanchez

    • 17/May/2009 18:38:59

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Standing portraits, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 24/May/2009 07:23:59

    She passed away when my husband was young. I want to say around 12....I'll find out more later. His mother, youngest of three daughters of pictured, did not wear the dress herself. My avatar is one of her great grandsons. Actually I think the youngest (so far).

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    Becca(at BrightHaven)

    • 08/Aug/2009 17:37:47

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lady Vintage, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    Viola Patt

    • 13/Aug/2009 12:30:10

    simply beautiful

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    • 26/Sep/2009 11:21:34


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    ely miho

    • 07/Oct/2009 13:41:31

    Gorgeous, gorgeous and absolutly gorgeous...

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    • 25/Nov/2010 17:16:13

    This photo is of my Step Mom's Mother!(Barbara Bishp Roby Shuck) We were shocked to find this on here. This dress was been pass thru several generation of the family. My Step sister Debi (Debra Roby) was the last to wear this dress in 1978!! How exciting to find this!!! My Step-mom Bobbi will write more later, there is a lot of history here!. :)