G. Zinoviev (LOC)

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1915

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Bain News Service,, publisher.

G. Zinoviev

[between ca. 1915 and ca. 1920]

1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

Title from unverified data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or caption cards.
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

Format: Glass negatives.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print

General information about the Bain Collection is available at hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.ggbain

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL): hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ggbain.28902

Call Number: LC-B2- 4931-12


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
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libraryofcongress dc:identifier=httphdllocgovlocpnpggbain28902 xmlns:dc=httppurlorgdcelements11 grigoryyevseevichzinoviev grigoryzinoviev zinoviev григо́рийевсе́евичзино́вьев зино́вьев hirschapfelbaum apfelbaum гиршапфельбаум апфельбаум ovseigershonaronovichradomyslsky radomyslsky овсейгершонароновичрадомысльский радомысльский executed bolshevik communist

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    Richard Arthur Norton (1958- )

    • 24/Feb/2017 19:27:22

    Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev[1] (Russian: Григо́рий Евсе́евич Зино́вьев, IPA: [ɡrʲɪˈɡorʲɪj jɪˈfʲsʲeɪvʲɪtɕ zʲɪˈnovʲjɪf]; September 23 [O.S. September 11] 1883 – August 25, 1936), born Hirsch Apfelbaum, known also under the name Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky (Russian: Гирш Апфельбаум and Овсей-Гершон Аронович Радомысльский), was a Bolshevik revolutionary and a Soviet Communist politician. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigory_Zinoviev

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    • 25/Feb/2017 06:20:57

    I remember reading about him. He was one of the many victims of Stalins' purges.

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    • 07/Mar/2017 00:21:39

    Source apparently 'Album of Revolutionary Russia' www.marxists.org/history/ussr/art/photography/album/Rev-R... see B-59's comments underJ. Sverdloff, Smoliansky, Avasenov (LOC) Original caption , "G. Zinoviev, President of the Commune of Petrograd (member of the Presidum of the C.[entral] Ex.[ecutive] Com.[mittee] of Soviets."