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Where: Unknown

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Owner: Costică Acsinte Archive
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 3010
costicăacsintearchive 20170220 glassplate costicăacsinte ialomita românia rou

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    • 21/Feb/2017 02:07:57

    What do you think those things along the top of the frame, on the wall, are? Something related to the glass plates the photographer used?

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    Costică Acsinte Archive

    • 21/Feb/2017 06:26:50

    [] Just framed photos Acsinte displayed in his studio. Probably the bride and groom didn't want strangers in their photos and asked those frames to be hidden/flipped.

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    • 22/Feb/2017 00:44:03

    [] Oh, I see. But then that fellow on the top left snuck into the photo :) I notice that in a lot of Acsinte's outdoor portraits, there will be actual people in the background...someone looking over a fence, through a window, or just standing nearby. Fascinating to see these "accidental" portraits. This entire project you are doing is fascinating.