Young girl in high collared white blouse

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1900

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Titled in full as "young girl in high collared white blouse, with long hair suggesting informality", this Mason Collection image is indeed a little more casual and candid than the studio formality we tend to see in these collections. A more personal image from the Mason collection perhaps?

The community suggests that, if indeed this is perhaps (obviously unconfirmed) a family member, that it could be Sarah Mason, who would have been in late teens or early 20s during the catalogue range ascribed to this image....

Photographer: TH Mason

Contributor: Thomas H. Mason & Sons photographers

Collection: Mason Photographic Collection

Date: 1890-1910

NLI Ref: M57/10

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 15/Jul/2016 07:40:37

    If it is personal to Mr Thomas Holmes Mason perhaps the following links to the 1901 Census and 1911 Census might help?

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    • 15/Jul/2016 07:55:54 no youthful females in the family.

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    • 15/Jul/2016 08:06:21

    Could be a niece - He had a big sister: Or it could be his sister, taken by his dad. Presumably all the older pictures are by the dad, since T.M. was only 23 in 1901.

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    • 15/Jul/2016 09:30:34

    [] Vivid & Striking ! ;- )

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    • 15/Jul/2016 09:58:10

    [] funny

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    • 15/Jul/2016 10:33:40

    [] Haha :)

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 15/Jul/2016 10:36:55

    [] LOL :D (FYI - the point wasn't lost of late - we'll think twice if accepting invites from strange albums in future :) )

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    • 15/Jul/2016 10:49:25

    Well, here is one for your files . . . the 2001 Rose of Tralee representative for South Australia. Her name is on the glass panel in Tralee. And, she speaks a fair bit of Irish -proudly.

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    • 15/Jul/2016 12:55:31

    [] Keyboard/coffee interfacing moment, there.

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    dono heneman

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    ℝakel_ℰlke ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

    • 16/Jul/2016 15:58:31

    Lovely photo, is very nice. happy Saturday. greetings from Spain.

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    Martina Gallery

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    • 16/Jul/2016 17:26:27

    Great shot , excellent!

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    le cabri

    • 16/Jul/2016 19:07:42

    Great work. Keep them coming

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    Charlotte Ruck

    • 16/Jul/2016 20:54:33

    Wow, so so so amazing! :)

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    Kacper Michalik

    • 16/Jul/2016 21:27:52

    Wonderful !

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    Take a look on Syria without propaganda

    • 17/Jul/2016 01:32:29

    excellent job

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    • 17/Jul/2016 21:09:25

    Buenas fotos antiguas .

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    • 18/Aug/2016 10:23:29

    I loved this photo so I was inspired to color it and then "paint" it using icolorama []

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 20/Aug/2016 05:33:14

    [] What a lovely job, well done.