Royal Flying Corps officers in front of a BE2b.

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Where: Unknown

Try to find the spot where the photographer was standing.

When: 01 January 1916

Try to find the date or year when this image was made.
Can anyone identify the plane? From the Robert McKenzie fonds, PR1991.0305/56.


Owner: Provincial Archives of Alberta
Source: Flickr Commons
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    swordscookie back and trying to catch up!

    • 23/Oct/2015 15:30:06

    No medal ribbons so probably all beginners? Fine looking bunch and all sporting moustaches I see!!!!

  • profile

    Provincial Archives of Alberta

    • 23/Oct/2015 15:41:46

    Nice observation. Considering that this image is part of a larger collection of training slides, it would be quite reasonable to assume that these would be rookie pilots.

  • profile

    mark kinrade

    • 24/Oct/2015 07:41:42

    Apparently they are officers from No.2 squadron based in Montrose, Scotland in front of a BE-2 biplane shortly before they flew to Amiens on 13th August 1914. (Daily Record 19/04/14).

  • profile

    James Tileworks

    • 24/Oct/2015 07:45:45

    That's a late production BE2b aircraft, or an early BE2c.

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    • 24/Oct/2015 11:02:57

    Strange to think these gentlemen were likely in their 20s or 30s. Something about B&W, or the clothing & hairstyle always makes them seem an indeterminate "old" no matter how I go along aging myself; they always seem older than me!

  • profile


    • 24/Oct/2015 16:04:16

    Greetings !!

  • profile


    • 24/Oct/2015 20:16:11

    Love this image 💜

  • profile

    Kirsty McVey

    • 24/Oct/2015 21:39:58

    Love :)

  • profile

    Provincial Archives of Alberta

    • 26/Oct/2015 14:40:51

    [] Thank you very much for the information. How did you link this image to the information from the Daily Record?

  • profile

    Provincial Archives of Alberta

    • 26/Oct/2015 14:41:29

    [[email protected]] Thanks for the information! How would one be able to differentiate between a BE2b and a BE2c?

  • profile

    mark kinrade

    • 26/Oct/2015 19:40:26

    [] I couldn't link the page but I found if I copied and pasted the following into my web browser the Daily Record page was at the top of the result list - 'World War 1 Montrose based flying squadron flew straight into a new type of warfare that few survived'.

  • profile


    • 02/Apr/2016 15:03:53

    No ailerons for lateral control, so the aircraft is not a B.E.2c. A wing-warping B.E.2b.

  • profile

    Provincial Archives of Alberta

    • 04/Apr/2016 14:23:59

    Thanks for the confirmation!