David Addington Meets With Andrew Card, John Negroponte, Alberto Gonzalez, and Harriet Miers in Andrew Card's Office

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These images have been released in response to a FOIA request, case number 2014-0012-F, received by the National Archives. For more information on these images, please visit Researching Vice Presidential Materials. These photos will be available in the National Archives Catalog in July 2015.

Local Identifier: V021006DB-0003

Created By: President (2001-2009 : Bush). Office of Management and Administration. Office of White House Management. Photography Office. 1/20/2001-1/20/2009

From: Collection: Vice Presidential Records of the Photography Office (George W. Bush Administration), 1/20/2001 - 1/20/2009

Contact: Presidential Materials Division (LM)
National Archives Building
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408
Phone: 202-357-5200
Fax: 202-357-5939

Production Dates: 2/10/2006

Persistent URL: catalog.archives.gov/id/18543787

Access Restrictions: Unrestricted
Use Restrictions: Unrestricted


Owner: The U.S. National Archives
Source: Flickr Commons
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