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PictionID:42003341 - Title:B-36C - Catalog:16_002391 - Filename:16_002391.TIF - ---Image from the Ray Wagner Collection. Ray Wagner was Archivist at the San Diego Air and Space Museum for several years and is an author of several books on aviation --- ---Please Tag these images so that the information can be permanently stored with the digital file.---Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum


Owner: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 2080
aviation aircraft airplane militaryaircraft bomber consolidatedaircraft consolidated convair convairb36peacemaker convairb36 b36peacemaker convairpeacemaker b36 peacemaker

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    free photos for you

    • 23/Mar/2015 08:47:23

    cool just imagine how many people you could kill with these still valid today , nothing changed in more years than i can remember just saw a Tu-160 on the news page don't you love it to just think about the i.q. level of those who are in charge of us shows so clear . oh boy do our leaders care for us with the thought of mass destruction on there mind for our safety

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    MichaelB in Houston

    • 23/Mar/2015 14:36:10

    YB-36C with tractor engines; never built.