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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1942

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Tudor Vasilescu cu tractorul său Lanz Bulldog, 1942


Owner: Costică Acsinte Archive
Source: Flickr Commons
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costicăacsintearchive 20150308 glassplates ialomita românia rou lanzbulldog tractor photobomb

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  • profile

    swordscookie back and trying to catch up!

    • 08/Mar/2015 21:59:10

    An amazing tractor, I think that this is simply fantastic and have passed it on to people who love machinery!

  • profile

    Costică Acsinte Archive

    • 08/Mar/2015 22:26:49

    [] Thank you.

  • profile


    • 09/Mar/2015 18:13:13

    For the Lanz Bulldog:

  • profile

    Lucinda "Cindy" T

    • 09/Mar/2015 18:23:36

    Anyone see the little boy behind the front wheel. Definitely a very early photo bomb before anyone knew what a photo bomb was.

  • profile

    swordscookie back and trying to catch up!

    • 09/Mar/2015 18:55:04

    [] Well done! Even though I looked at it several times and marvelled at the detail I missed him! First class photo bomb!