K. Davis - Tramwoman at work [and other tram photographs], 1933-1942

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1940

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Owner: State Library of New South Wales collection
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 20/Nov/2014 04:39:18

    I'm staggered by the number of fashionably dressed women in the photograph. Nowadays, only business people dress as well as this in the city. A bit different at the corner of Pitt and King Streets these days.

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    • 20/Nov/2014 08:59:01

    There used to be a saying "as busy as Pitt Street" you can see how true that was. I notice any sensible attempt by pedestrians to keep to the left was even more lacking then than now!

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    • 21/Dec/2014 00:57:55

    Trying to work out date etc. If the tram in King St's number is 195n, it's 1938 or 1939. (The other trams' new paint scheme points to at least 35/36.) There is no evidence of WW2 uniform - or "shock" - total lack of austerity - so before December 1939 and it's summer and impossibly crowded - it's either Xmas Eve or the Saturday (half day) before. There is almost no shadow, so probably the latter - Checked the calendar, it's both. Best estimate: It's Saturday 24th December 1938, just after 12:00 midday!

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    • 21/Dec/2014 01:49:12

    [https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]] Can't see any Christmas decorations or children. I agree with you that it was taken in the middle of the day and it must have been overcast. If it had been a sunny day there would have been hard shadows.

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    • 21/Dec/2014 14:29:21

    Corinneski, the lack of children and decorations is significant. This picture must be combined with the next Pitt St one. So many people in Summer, in the middle of the day - that makes me think it's Saturday. When was the Commonwealth Games held in 1938? Could the crowds, if not Xmas, be left over from say, a procession in George St?