Good Day at Blackrock

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1905

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The canny billh35 got in his request to see this one just under the wire. It's Blackrock in Co. Louth.

Traffic-wise, a rather more relaxed scene than yesterday's photograph of Dame Street/College Green in Dublin...

Photographer: Robert French of Lawrence Photographic Studios, Dublin

Date: Circa 1905??

NLI Ref.: L_CAB_07612


Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 30/Jan/2014 09:18:15


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    • 30/Jan/2014 09:23:59

    An early and rather crude enclosed bus, I could swear I've seen a photo of a similar bus with the date 1905-1907 somewhere....

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    • 30/Jan/2014 09:24:02

    Vehicle registrations for Louth: IY 1 to IY 9999 (Dec 1903 – Oct 1954) so 1904 at earliest

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    • 30/Jan/2014 09:27:02

    The Clermont Arms still bears the same name today. Here it is a few weeks ago during the storms

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    • 30/Jan/2014 10:19:40

    LONDON,. Aug. 6. [1901] Cardinal Logue, Archbishop of Armagh and Roman Catholic Primate of Ireland, has threatened to excommunicate saloon-keepers at Blackrock and Dundalk, Ireland, for allowing dancing on their premises on Sun- days.
    Sydney Morning Herald, 9/8/1901 -

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    • 30/Jan/2014 10:29:44

    But wait, there's more ...

    What Happens In Ireland ... ... ...Very Rev. Canon Donnellan denounced in very strong language dancing at Blackrock, which is situated in the parish of Haggardstown. He described certain halls as 'low, vulgar, vice dens, which are attracting the rogues and the roues of the countryside, and very often profligates of the worst type.' They were also attracting females of a class the name of which could not be mentioned in the house of God. He did not mean to say they were attracting the down-at-the-heels'; rather they were attracting the swanks — well-dressed ladies riding in motor cars. ... ...
    Catholic Press (Sydney) 8/10/1925 - No wonder busloads of people were attracted to Blackrock!

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    • 30/Jan/2014 15:27:31

    Carol. thank you for doing this........Blackrock does indeed have a history of entertaining coach parties on a Sunday/ I remember back in 1968/9 the place being full of Ulsterbus buses and coaches with day trippers from the North, where of course you couldn't get alcohol on a Sunday! As a final note, I want to publicly thank you for all your help and support and entertainment during your time at NLI and I am sure every flickrite will want to wish you the very best for the will be sorely missed! Good luck !!!!!!!

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    kindly property

    • 30/Jan/2014 15:40:49

    Thanks for posting this, and what billh35 said - thanks for everything :-)

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 30/Jan/2014 15:56:58

    Thanks so much, everyone! Bit mad here today, so looking forward to reading all your comments at my leisure... :)

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    • 30/Jan/2014 17:59:30

    Thanks for all the entertainment on this site, Carol. I wish you all the best in your newest endeavour (or retirement or whatever it is you're doing now).

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    vickie rose ann

    • 07/Feb/2014 07:20:30

    Nice look into site in Ireland

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    • 07/Mar/2014 19:59:01

    My Father's Birthplace. Love this photo.