Reading Room, first floor, Mitchell Library, Sydney, Dec 1923 / glass negatives presented by the Daily Mail

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When: Unknown

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Format: Glass negative

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From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales


Owner: State Library of New South Wales collection
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile

    Prachi Katoch

    • 06/Dec/2013 05:19:06

    The wonderful experience of borrowing a book to read from a library is long gone. Sad isn't it?

  • profile

    Old Family Images

    • 06/Dec/2013 11:25:42

    The Large painting to the left of the arch is Capt John Piper

  • profile


    • 08/Dec/2013 22:33:35


  • profile

    State Library of New South Wales collection

    • 08/Dec/2013 23:28:11

    Dear Prachi Katoch You can still borrow heaps of books, magazines, cd's and so in Australia's public libraries. A lot cheaper than a phone or internet plan!

  • profile

    Prachi Katoch

    • 09/Dec/2013 08:30:07

    I was talking about India. We have very few libraries out here. Anyways, it seems like people want their own space and would rather buy a book each via the internet.

  • profile

    State Library of New South Wales collection

    • 09/Dec/2013 23:10:55

    Thanks for following our Photostream in India!

  • profile

    Prachi Katoch

    • 10/Dec/2013 07:13:52


  • profile

    Jonathan O'Donnell

    • 12/Jan/2014 08:43:43

    Such a beautiful image. I absolutely want to sit at that desk and work.

  • profile


    • 13/Feb/2014 20:04:19

    Is that Captain Piper up the top on the left?

  • profile

    State Library of New South Wales collection

    • 13/Feb/2014 22:43:19

    Dear Najeroux, it is!